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    I'm proud to present a new game i've released to the market:

    Do you think you can recognize Cars? Test yourself with this great Trivia game! with 50 Different car models and brands - pick the correct car picture from 4 options in 30 seconds, and earn points! Online Competing using Open-Feint!

    With THREE different game types: fast track (60 seconds), Formula-One (3 minutes), and full round - play until you finish all 50 cars!

    Nascar & Formula 1 Race Track Soundboard! Each correct/wrong answer will be followed by a proffesional racing cars caster, recorded from a real racing track field!

    * 30 Seconds to answer a question!
    * Correct answer will add you point equals to the time left for the question (max 30 points).
    * wrong answer will reduce you 10 points.
    Try to master and finish game with more than 500 points!

    *** Game supports ONLINE leaderboard scores submitting using Open Feint!

    Download from market for FREE: https://market.android.com/details?id=Cars.Trivia.Top.Best.Android.Guess.Game

    Enjoy! And if you can rate me on market i'd appreceate it!

  2. spi7fire

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