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App data transfer?

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  1. ThePoundDollar

    ThePoundDollar Active Member

    So I've recently received my new Samsung Galaxy S4 and after signing in with my Google account, I received all my previously downloaded apps. What I'm wondering though is whether or not I can transfer the data from the apps/games onto my new phone. My old phone was an HTC Desire HD and I'm sure as many people will know, it just doesn't communicate with computers. So is there any way around this or is there a way to make it communicate with the computer to allow data transfer?

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Depends if the apps are capable of cloud sync. If they aren't, you'd have to use a backup app. If your old device is running ICS or better, you can use Helium backup. If it runs something earlier, you'd have to root.

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