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  1. iown

    iown Well-Known Member

    ok so i have just downloaded eclipse and got it setup with help of some youtube vids... its just setup thats it... can someone help me with coding i have put some time everyday to find coding tuts and i cant find any.. i just want to get into app dev. Does anyone know any resources that will help with just strictly coding?

  2. Shengxin

    Shengxin Well-Known Member

    I found the Android Developer site maintained by Google very helpful. It is Activities | Android Developers. You can find Android modules, working samples and tutorials there. You can start Android programming from something simple like Hello, World | Android Developers.

    If you are new to Java, there are tons of Java tutorials on the Internet.

    Hope this helps.
  3. droidbot45

    droidbot45 Member

    try lindas android dev series it is good

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