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[app] droidEssential; toggle / shortcut to settings + taskManager + fullscreen support + recent apps

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  1. hiro4476

    hiro4476 Member

    Good day, people!

    I'm pretty new to Android, and this is my 2nd app :)
    The app's called droidEssential.


    This is not a notification bar replacement but an extension to it.

    You can toggle or jump to Brightness, USB Debuging, Wi-Fi / Cellular Network, Auto Rotation, Auto Sync, Bluetooth, GPS, Ringer / Media / Alarm Settings.

    plus :
    ■ Recent Apps
     switch between apps
     app kill (swipe down from the icon)

    ■ Terminator button
     Single Click: Kill all the apps
     Double Click: Kill all the apps + Turn off screen
     Long Press: Turn off screen

    ■ Fullscreen support
     bring down the Notification Bar during fullscreen state

    ■ and many more!

    ■ in the future
     NFC ability
     Youtube (video) support

    ■ Tested Devices
     HTC Desire HD : 2.3.4 Gingerbread
     HTC Desire HD : 4.0.4 ICS

    Here's a short Youtube video
    Its website
    And its Google Play page

    It has 2 in-app-purchase, a dollar each.
    One is called "Advance Pack". Right now, it gives you one new toggle. A toggle that merges WiFi and Cellular toggles into one.
    The other one is "Developer Pack", it gives you the ability to toggle USB Debugging.
    New features will be release time to time.

    as I only own one phone, the HTC Desire HD. So, it'd be nice to have some feedback and bug report from people.

    And, as an appreciation, you can enable the "Developer Pack" by signing in to this appspot page using your Google Account :)

    Regards, Hiro

  2. hiro4476

    hiro4476 Member

    My phone HTC Desire HD was running 2.3.4 Gingerbread.
    I've upgrade it to 4.0.4 ICS this morning and did a quick fix to all my apps.
    All are tested and should be working as expected on OS4+ :)
  3. hiro4476

    hiro4476 Member

    a user has told me that, he's stuck at the "Toggle settings", the program kept telling him "unable to sign in"
    has anyone gotten the same message?

    I've been testing with different Google accounts and had no problems...
    The python script is so simple and don't think that's what causing it.

    I've just uploaded a newer version that displays more error codes.
    It will be available within few hours [​IMG]
  4. hiro4476

    hiro4476 Member

    Thanks for those of who helped me debugging my App! Your deeds will live on forever in my server!!! XD

    I learned something in the past 2 days.
    1. though you are supporting old devices, use the newest SDK
    2. once you switch to a newer SDK, many deprecated methods will rise, deal with'em.

    I had my HTC Desire HD upgraded from 2.3.4 Gingerbread to 4.0.4 ICS.
    Oddly, the deprecated methods/functions are still working.
    For best compatibility possible, maybe someone decided to include the full library inside the phone? :confused:

    I've been working on the compatibility issue in the past few days.
    Now that I've checked my code line by line and had updated my library. Hopefully this will solve the problem. :p
    Sorry for the annoyance.

    If there's a problem, send me a short description, fell free to give me a yell!!

    Regards, Hiro
  5. hiro4476

    hiro4476 Member

    btw, the 3rd point I'd going to add is
    3. use Nexus (and this is what I'm going to get next, when possible :D )

    I assume Google will strip out those deprecated methods. :rolleyes:
  6. hiro4476

    hiro4476 Member

    It's been a while since the last update :)

    new updates
    ■ display detailed error messages
    ■ dE-Panel can be brought down from notification or long pressing the Search Button.
      You might want to enable "Destroy On Collapsed" option in the "Basic" setting if you don't want the panel blocking your view.
    ■ auto off timer for time/availableMemory/batteryInfo display
    ■ new network / authentication class

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