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[APP] Easy Uploader - Upload images to Facebook/Imgur/Twitter/Tumblr simultaneously

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  1. Vistz

    Vistz Member

    Easy Uploader is an application that will let you upload images to multiple sites (Facebook/Imgur/Twitter/...) at the same time.
    Easy Uploader also gives you the option of uploading images to a specific album.

    Currently, Easy Uploader only has support for Facebook, Imgur, and Twitter. If you have any sites you would like to add, please feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do. My email address can be found on the Google Play site listed below.

    Here is a link to my app: Easy Uploader


  2. Vistz

    Vistz Member

    Easy Uploader now has Tumblr support.
  3. Vistz

    Vistz Member

    Any comments suggestions? I was considering adding Dropbox/Google Drive/SkyDrive support as well.

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