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  1. LansdowneMike

    LansdowneMike Well-Known Member

    New G1 owner, and first post on this forum. Hope I'm not breaking any rules. (I searched the forum already for and nothing came up.)

    I'm transferring my life from a Palm OS Treo 680, and one of the things I can no longer do is listen to my Audible books--a big disappointment. A few emails with Audible's CS makes it seem like there's something lacking in Android that would facilitate such an app, but I suspect that Audible doesn't want to commit resources to something that it feels Google ought to be sponsoring.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Will there be an Audible app someday? Is there someone who should be contacted to support such an activity?


  2. rsquigley

    rsquigley Member

    I'm new to Android as well, coming from a blackberry. I really miss the audible app. It forces me to carry a 2nd device all the time.
  3. xraptorx

    xraptorx Member

    I just sent Audible an email asking about support. The lack of Audbile could be a deal breaker and cause me to forego the HTC Hero.

    Well the lack of and the lack of most investing and banking site software support could be the deal breaker.
  4. LansdowneMike

    LansdowneMike Well-Known Member

    I would think the business software would be the real issue. If you can use a small inexpensive MP3 player until Audible gets its act together, not a deal breaker for me.

    I contact Audible every couple of weeks to ask about the ETA for the Android app. They've changed their line from "the device needs a firmware upgrade" (obviously a bogus, ignorant response) to a more reasonable, "we're looking at all the new smartphones to see where to invest our resources" or words to that effect.

    Maybe others who would like to see Audible support the Android platform could contact Audible periodically as well???
  5. xraptorx

    xraptorx Member

    I just got response from Audible.

    Direct Quote from email: "At this time there and no announced plans on if or when the Android Operating System will be supported by Audible"
  6. LansdowneMike

    LansdowneMike Well-Known Member

    Actually that sounds like good news to me. A major difference between "no announced plans" and "no plans." Anyone who gets an update on the message, please post.
  7. xraptorx

    xraptorx Member

    You are optimistic....I see IF or when and think

    There is not enough critical mass for them to build an Android App.
  8. LansdowneMike

    LansdowneMike Well-Known Member

    Following my latest request to Audible, I got the following response:

    "At this time, we do not have a time frame for when an app, for the Android OS, will be made. We had started concentrating on the webOS for Palm related phones."

    "So, I do not have any time frame for when an Audible Air/Audible Player version for the Android OS based phones will be available."

    This tells me that it's in the hopper and either when they finish the Pre or when they realize that the Android market is immensely bigger than the WebOS market we'll be next. Don't forget to contact them every few weeks.
  9. Santosh

    Santosh New Member

    LIMITED SUCCESS with software on android mytouch phone

    1. I downloaded netmite j2me runner application from marketplace; then I went to
      Get APK
      and pasted a .jad file called
    2. This converts the .jad file to audible.apk. I saved the audible.apk file to my desktop
    3. I sent the audible.apk file as an attachment to my gmail account
    4. Then I downloaded tAttachapkInstaller from marketplace which extracts apk files from google mail
    5. Opened audible.apk from my gmail
    6. This started audible application in netmite j2me runner window
    7. Clicked on the menu button and went to "my library"
    8. Then I tried to type my username and that is where I ran into a problem!!!
    9. The virtual keyboard does not show up in netmite j2me runner to allow me to enter my username and password:confused::mad:
    10. I think this could work on G1.
    11. Can someone tell me how I could use an emulator or something else to enter my username and password at this point on mytouch?
    12. Once this is complete, it may be possible to download the books from my library!
    PLEASE NOTE: I am not a software person, so if you want to provide instructions, please provide each step clearly! Thank you for your understanding. If these steps are useful on G1, please post a feedback.
  10. LansdowneMike

    LansdowneMike Well-Known Member

    On my G1, I got to the next step (thanks for clear, correct instructions). Using the physical keyboard I could enter the login information, but after several tries (using the correct login info) I either get a "Unable to Connect to Audible" message or it just hangs. I'm quitting for the evening, but will try again tomorrow. It's certainly a lot closer than I've been before. Thanks again.
  11. Santosh

    Santosh New Member

    On your G1 did you try using wireless access-point rather than 3G or Edge?
  12. LansdowneMike

    LansdowneMike Well-Known Member

    Santosh, yes the connection was a strong wifi one. Haven't tried yet but will report back if any changes.
  13. jbaustx

    jbaustx New Member

    I wrote to Audible NUMEROUS times ever since the G-1 release (got mine on release day) explaining that the lack of an Android application is a deal breaker, and it seems that they just don't really give a flying duck. If they did, they would be forthright with their intentions rather than releasing vaporous innuendos.
  14. xraptorx

    xraptorx Member

    Gartner Group recently said that by 2013 there will be more Android phones than MS mobile phones sold. I am not sure how long one keeps a smartphone, but if Android is the dominant platform by 2013, within a few years I expect most of the existing MS mobile phones will be replaced.
  15. angusn

    angusn Active Member

    I just posted an email to Audible too. If you're interested in listening to Audible content on your android phone, email them. If we all do it, they will get the picture even if they don't listen to Gartner, the press, press releases, or statistics. I also plan on "voting" with my dollars. I've been an Audible customer for several years. If I don't get a "We're working on it and will have it before your next billing cycle" answer, I will reply with "Thank you, but I will now be buying my audio books elsewhere. Don't bother me with any further email notifications or calls, your lack of support for me as a customer speaks all I need to hear. Good luck in going the way of BetaMax and LaserDisc."
  16. xraptorx

    xraptorx Member

    What other providers sell audiobooks with a price model similar to Audible?
  17. senor_demasiado

    senor_demasiado New Member

  18. Lmartin625

    Lmartin625 New Member

    Emusic does 1 book per month for $9.99. They do not DRM their books, but I dont think the selection is as good as Audible.
  19. angusn

    angusn Active Member

    I canceled my account and made sure I told them that it was because there was no android player. They know it's an issue and said they would notify me when the audible player was available. I'm not holding my breath. My current book series is available as .mp3 download on books in motion's own website.
  20. sirkit

    sirkit New Member

    You can bring up the virtual keyboard at anytime by holding the menu key
  21. Pinball2k

    Pinball2k New Member

    After reading this thread, it seems I am not alone in wanting to run on my G1. Last year I sent an email to Audible and got back a reply that looked hand crafted, not automated. It said they would love to do a reader for Android but hey needed help from T-Mobile. I can't understand why they needed help to do an application, but that's what they said.

    I think we need to keep up the pressure on Audible (Amazon) and flood them with requests. I do that knowing it will be good for Audible and for Android.
  22. Myronbg

    Myronbg Well-Known Member

    I'm a charter member of Audible. Went from many Palms to the Storm & after fighting it [& their CS] for months I finally went back to using my Treo for Audible & Happy Shopper [one of the best free apps ever]. The answers I received from Audible regarding the prospect of an app for the Android, were: they always looked for potential OS; because they were going to migrate to the 1st. qtr next year, they won't be doing much else.
  23. lmorsi

    lmorsi New Member

    I've done what Santosh did - made an APK on netmite's site, but was able to put in my user name and password by holding the menu key to bring up the keyboard. Got an error - "Unable to connect to Audible"
    So there seems to be a connection issue. I tried on 3G and on Wifi with the same result. Maybe it can be fixed by someone who knows what they're doing, even if Audible isn't particularly bothered to support Android. I also found a jad and jar that Audible put out for Sprint, but I get the same result with those too. Anyone know where to look next?

    I have a HTC Droid Eris by the way.
  24. fitz1j

    fitz1j New Member

    eMusic is awful. The select is not good, and the tracks frequently skip. Their customer service is terrible as well. I'm gonna hang on to my nano for Audible until they get their app done, I'm sure they will with all the hype coming from the Droid. I am surprised they haven't done it yet.

    Has anyone converted the file format to something that another player can play?
  25. evanw

    evanw New Member

    I just sent an email to Audible customer service as well, I'll report back the (likely bad) response.

    Keep emailing them everybody, it's not like Android is just on a few phones anymore. DRM debate aside - they have an obligation to provide support for as many devices as possible if they're going to lock their files down like this.


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