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app for converting text to .......Tips

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  1. texasgaljack

    texasgaljack New Member

    Looking for an app that I can convert all the text to either word, picture, pdf, etc. Have a bunch of text from several people that I want to email. Trying not to do one at a time. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Create a file or an outgoing email. Copy the text of each text message and paste it into the file or email. Send.

    Apps that back up texts (which is about all there is - converting texts to documents isn't a popular app to write) usually back the texts up as xml files. You could take a backup file like that, strip off all the xml headers, reformat the result and send it.
  3. texasgaljack

    texasgaljack New Member

    Thanks. I was afraid of that. Just looking for something easier & quicker. :)

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