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  1. ChrisThom

    ChrisThom Member

    I have multiple email accounts & would love to find an app that will act like Thunderbird. I want to check all the accounts and look at one Inbox and see all the mail that has come in with different labels.

    Is there an app that will do this out there?

  2. redwoods7

    redwoods7 Member

    Yes! looking for a 'universal' or 'unified' inbox -- anything yet??
  3. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

  4. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    I use K-9 Mail and it keeps the inboxes separate - there's no way (that I have found) to get all your email into one inbox in K-9 Mail.
  5. tsh

    tsh Member

    I have seen posts suggesting that the primary android mail app does this, but I don't seem to have that on my Desire, and can't find it to install either.
  6. TheBiles

    TheBiles Well-Known Member

    I just forward everything to my Gmail.

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  7. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I would love an App that at least looks and feels like the iPhone email app. The features I liked about the iPhone mail app were:

    • Easier navigation between multiple accounts. The account page on the iPhone was a home page where you got a quick view. On this phone you have to press a tiny little spot at the top of the screen to get a pop up to switch accounts. With pickle fingers like mine this can be entertaining to watch.
    • Easier navigation between folders within each account - if you have used the iPhone app you know what I mean here.
    • Easier to delete multiple emails. Too many clicks in this app.
    • Ability to see *all* my folders in an account. I have noticed that for example my "spam" folder in my Yahoo account is not accessible in my phone. Which is a bummer because I used to go in there and delete all the spam at once so that when I opened my account at home I did not download all the spam.
    I see a couple people mentioned K-9 - any idea if it supports Pop email? I saw it said something about IMAP and SMTP. My Yahoo and another I have use Pop3.


  8. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    All of my mail shows up under "integrated inbox".
  9. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    POP3 works fine polling, but there is no PUSH with it.
  10. rvpartsguy

    rvpartsguy Well-Known Member

    yes the vanilla email app does this is nice
  11. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    In K-9 Mail? I can't see this anywhere!
  12. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    I am running 2705 (not sure if this was introduced after the 25xx series?)

    when you open the app you get

    >Integrated Inbox
    >All messages
    >account #1
    >account #2

  13. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    Ah...odd as I am running K-9 Mail version 2.600 and see no update on my Market.
  14. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    2.6 is the latest version in the market.

    Other builds are on the K-9 website.

    I have run 2704&2705
  15. brykins

    brykins Well-Known Member

    Ah. That would explain it.

    If I d/l the APK and install it, would it work as an update, or would I need to uninstall my version first (and thus lose all settings, accounts, etc)?
  16. ChrisThom

    ChrisThom Member

    Just DLd the latest build of K9 & it does exactly what I was hoping for using the integrated inbox.

    Now if they could have the option to only display the Subject, Sender & date/time in the message list instead of part of the message itself. This would make thing a lot cleaner looking.
  17. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    That's an easy one: turn "off" Touch friendly view.

    It's not quite friendly on the Inc, yet.
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  18. ChrisThom

    ChrisThom Member

    HURRAY!!! Now I am happy!!!

    Perfect - Thanx
  19. tsh

    tsh Member

    Link to install this on a Desire?
  20. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    For me - I do not think K-9 will work out. I have been trying it for the last day or so. Overall I like the look/feel better but the requirement to have to tell it get new emails (for pop3) is also a pain. I am going to give it a couple more days to see if it is just a newness resistance thing.
  21. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you mean. It will not PUSH pop3, but it can be set to POLL them (just like the default app).
  22. tsh

    tsh Member

    So I have k9 (stupid name, i ignored it first, thinking it was a egroup app) downloading from my main account, and hotmail - but no widget for unread mails? (the 2x1 MaiWidget is too big, by 100%)
  23. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    no widget. not sure what 2x1 you speak of.
  24. mirose

    mirose Active Member

    Sorry for my english here..

    Im using K-9 and its working fine but i do have a questtion that i cant find any answer to.

    When i start up the app i see a list of all folders but i Have both: Sent and [gmail]/sent and [imap]/sent, same with draft folder and trash. i think its is a bit messy with all those folder and would like to only see Inbox, sent etc or only the gmail folders.

    Im only using Gmail for this account but i have SMS Backup installed and its over imaip on google, thats why i have the imap folders i think.

    Can someone please help me out?
  25. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    You may want to try a newer build (available on the k-9 website.) When I open the app I get an account list, not a folder list.

    To get the folder list you describe, I need to click on a specific account.

    The folders are there because SOME APP is (or was) using IMAP on that account.

    K-9 has options to set certain folders as visible based on a "class" system. It's a bit complicated, but if you need to have IMAP folders and do not want to have to look at them, it might be worth a look

    WorkingWithClasses - k9mail - How to use K-9's folder class system - Project Hosting on Google Code

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