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app for music as message notification please :DSupport

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  1. emily01

    emily01 Member

    hey all , can anyone recommend an app that enables me to use the music stored in my phone for txt message alerts.... or one where i can download current music for the use of txt alerts.... a lot of them say they do but dont give u the option to use it as a notification tone.. .or their really out of date . i found a few when i had my desire but cant find them now :rolleyes: thanks in advance , em x

  2. werthers

    werthers Well-Known Member

    Handcent SMS lets you change it to music, it's a replacement for normal texting. It's really good but if you don't like it you can just change the tone then continue using the stock one.
    You change it by going to the normal settings and sound and display and change notification sound now you have the option to use android or handcent.

    Also ringdroid lets you and it lets you cut up sections of a song to use too it's pretty awesome highly recommended and the option is in built into the app it gives you the option of using it for a notification
  3. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    In addition to what werthers said, you could just download a Soundboard app that features the song you want use and then follow the instructions for that to set it as a Notification Ringtone. This is what I did and it didn't involve me having to download a new messaging app (though I highly recommend Handcent SMS as it has replaced my stock messaging app until the stock one supports individual SMS notification tones). Do some searching around and you should be able to find what you are looking for soundboard-wise. If that doesn't work out, then by all means, install Handcent SMS (or chompSMS) and go to town. Hope this helps!
  4. Busha

    Busha Well-Known Member

    How can I hide my ringtones from Mediascape ? It looks stupid when my ringtones are there with my music. Tnx
  5. wooks63

    wooks63 Well-Known Member

    Just connect your phone to your PC so you can access the memory card.

    * Create a folder called audio (if it's not already there).
    * Under that, create 3 folders called 'alarms', 'notifications' and 'ringtones' (don't put the single quotes!).
    * Put any MP3 files you want to use in the respective folders (for incoming text messages put them in the notifications folder).
    * Then under the system settings, when you chose your tone, the ones you've included in these folders should also appear in the list.

    I've done this and none of my ringtones or notification sounds appear in Mediascape.
  6. emily01

    emily01 Member

    ok thanks guys , got handcent , great app , thank u , one thing tho .....how do i set it to default ... as my phone is beeping and singing now lol
  7. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Forget handcent and download Zedge from the market download any tunes you like they even have a website to listen and view ringtones on your pc/laptop.

    After downloading go to the default message app and then press the menu button (hard button on the left) scroll down to "Select ringtone" and you got an opption of using the "Android system" or "Zedge" click on Zedge and then pick the tone you want from the list of downloads and your done.
  8. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    it usually shows up for you to choose.. the only thing I could think of is maybe going into settings, my applications then go to 'messaging' and clearing defaults.. just get second opinion if ya unsure about it.

    If you get duplicate notifications or similar it will prob have to do with the settings within the actual messaging app..

    Hope it helps!!
  9. werthers

    werthers Well-Known Member

    I put handcent on my home screen, change the notifications to appear in handcent and turn it off in the android messaging. I think that's what I did it was a while since I did it so hazy on the details but let us know if you still have problems.

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