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app for previewing pictures on my NAS

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  1. karelm

    karelm New Member


    Here's my problem :
    I have a Nas (zyxel nsa320)
    I have an android tablet (asus eepad prime, running on android 4.1.1)

    A lot of pictures are stored on the nas. What I want is an app that's able to show a preview of the pictures.
    Now I'm running ES File explorer. If I want to show the pictures on the tablet, all of them need to be downloaded trough wifi connection. This takes way to long because some pictures are more than 5Mb.

    Is there an app on the market that's not actual downloading the pictures, but just shows a preview just big enough for a 10" tablet screen? This should make it easyier to scroll trough the pictures on the nas..

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    ES's thumbnails of the pics are not enough ?

  3. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that you will need to run some sort of thumbnail creator on a nearby computer in advance. I believe that any thumbnail viewer (on android or otherwise) would need to read the entire image file over wifi prior to creation of the thumbnail.
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  4. karelm

    karelm New Member

    no, that's not enough. I need a preview just big enough for my 10" tablet screen. In that case, I only need to download a file from about 200Kb from my nas instead of more than 1OMb.
    If 'jae_63' is right I believe there is no app on the market like that :-(
    Strange nobody is dealing a similar problem, I believe a nas is the future of home entertainment. All my picutres, music and movies are stored on it. One of the reasons I bought a tablet was to watch my pictures on the nas. Problem is that it takes way to long to view the pictures..

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