app for sms texting thru wifi only (no phone connection) to non android/smart phones?

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  1. KayZ

    KayZ New Member

    I am trying to find an app that does sms texting to normal phones using wifi/internet only. So I can use that instead of using up my phone's messages when in a wifi area. But no luck so far.

    I've tried cnectd- doesn't install

    I tried textplus, it lets me send them to the phone, but when the phone tries to text me back is says it's not a valid member of the conversation- I've checked their site and the reasons they give for this don't fix it (I keep the conversation open and etc...)

    I only have internet/wifi connection, so can't use the apps that require it to be a phone too.

    I know there are websites that let me do it online- I would just prefer an app :D

    I have an augen gentouch 2nd version with android 2.1 on it.

    if anyone knows of anything that works let me know :) I don't want something that charges per use, but I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable one time download fee for it.

    thanks in advance, and I'll post if I do find something.

  2. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    If you have a Google voice number, you should be able to do that through the app.
  3. KayZ

    KayZ New Member

    I don't believe I have that, the gentouch's don't have any of the google stuff.

    thank you for your reply though =)
  4. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Do you have the Android Market?
  5. KayZ

    KayZ New Member

    nope =( but I can find most of the stuff on it through one of the second markets or finding the publishers site directly.
  6. Tweetiepie

    Tweetiepie New Member

    Try Andriod app "textPlus Free + Unlimited 1:1".

    It is a free service in the Market. You can text through wifi or 3G connection.

    I live in an area with bad cell connection and use this service to text people. You can text across Canada and USA for free.

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