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  1. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    Hello folks,

    So, I am sorry to use my first post to present my application, but I don't knew this forum before.

    So, Algoid is a little Language and IDE application to simplify the programming apprenticeship.
    It look like the Logo turtle (but in blue).... lol.... but with a more powerfull and modern language : imperative, procedural, fully functional, object oriented prototype based, aspect oriented.

    I have made this app under my master school, and have decided to continue it's development.

    [edited] - OOPS.... not yet.... A big bug found at the moment....

    Features are :
    - Ide
    - Undo / redo
    - Code snippets
    - forum in app
    - help in app
    - tutorials in app
    - debugger
    - scope explorer

    so what ever you need to begin programming.....
    thanks in advance for your comments.

    Best regards

  2. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    Ok, all apologies for the bug.
    App is now officially on Google play Store for Beta testing.

    Play Store





  3. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    Wowwww..... nobody here ?

    I have post a new version of the apk, and improve the web site a little bit.


    And the web site
  4. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    I have updated to v0.1.2
  5. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    Little up to tell about the new beta version v0.2.0 with several new features:

    - Correct some bugs on Jellybean Android version
    - Suppress logcat access
    - "[]" and ", " code snippet
    - Share button
    - Improve code snippets consistency
    - Add the about menu
    - (youtube video). :smokingsomb:

    Vala le tout ici :

    En esp
  6. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    New version v0.2.3 is out of the box.
  7. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

  8. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    Little up to tell about the new beta version v0.2.4 with several new features:

    v0.2.4 BETA 08-12-2012
    -Help view progress bar
    -Long click to code to point to help
    -Correct copy / past, colorizer and undo / redo bug
    -new, this, supers [] code snippets
    -scope view correction and ergonomic

    On android

    with new tutorial
    Algoid - tutorials - learn programming it's simple and funny !
  9. LexiconStudios

    LexiconStudios Well-Known Member

    I loved turtle! This looks fantastic.
  10. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    Thank you lexicon studios !
    In Algoid, it is a little bit different thant the original turtle.
    Principle is exactly the same but the language is totally different.

    The logo language has its syntax closed to Lips without brackets
    AL is closed to C syntax but with functional paradygme (first class function and anonymous functions).

    I am pleased you like it. ;)
  11. CyaNn

    CyaNn Active Member

    up up up:

    v0.3.0 BETA 15-12-2012
    - cache help and tutorials to run off-line
    - help loading management
    - language scope optimization (3d cube is faster)
    - correct ide blocking after execution
    - prevent undo / redo crashes
    - clear log correction
    - correct startup crash before the 2.3.6 Android version

    On android here:

    with new tutorials
    Play with values

    Turtle can do somersaults

    Enjoy it :D

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