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[APP][FREE] Ctrl+C

  1. Aux

    Aux New Member

    Ctrl+C is a share to clipboard application meaning it will copy any text into clipboard which you share from other apps.

    Typical use-cases for this are:
    * You want to tell your GTalk friend about awesome app in Play Market.
    * You want to tell that friend about some place in Foursquare.
    * You want to open current web page in other browser (copying from address bar is so slow).

    Ctrl+C acts as a text data receiver for Share functionality so to use it just click Share in any app and tap on Ctrl+C. It comes with a bunch of useful settings and history of last ten copied items.

    Current version: 1.2.1
    Available on Play Market, SlideME and Handster.



  2. Aux

    Aux New Member

    App is updated to version 1.2.1:

    * Updated UI for tablets.
    * Fixed Russian translation.
    * Minimized RAM usage.
    * Fixed one crash.
    * Lots of small fixes.

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