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[APP][FREE] Naked Browser 1.0 Beta - A full featured yet tiny web browser

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  1. nakedbrowser

    nakedbrowser Member

    1) I know the app isn't the prettiest. That hasn't been my focus. It's all about speed and features right now.
    2) Downloads get cut off when you get a phone call. I have that on my list to fix.
    3) I'm interested in any feedback so whether you have a response to the app as it is now or you have new ideas for it, I'd appreciate your input! There are quite a few things I'm thinking of adding. My current plan is to launch a paid "pro" version at some point.

    Thanks for helping to beta test!!!

    Hey now,

    I grew tired of bloated, spying, weird, unstable, generally stupid and useless Android web browsers so I decided to make my own. Introducing...

    Naked Browser

    TRUST: Right permissions with no spying.
    SPEED: No bloat, including minimal GUI candy.
    FEATURES: Crash restore, undo closed tabs, infinite tabs, one finger zoom & more.
    FREE: As in no cost. No ads either!

    Here's the web site: naked browser Android

    My main motivation was combating the privacy violations of some Android browsers. Naked Browser does not spy, track, or monitor in any way. Any and all data transfer is due to your web requests and retrievals. There aren't even ads.

    I've been working on Naked Browser for several months and I've focused almost entirely on browsing efficiency and features. I have not focused on making the user interface pretty, although the interface is designed to be quick and easy to use. In the future it may look better, but for now it is a little browser that has the features you need. In the future I may make a paid "pro" version. I hope you like it!

    Long time androidforums member though not with this account,


  2. Mvanderpot

    Mvanderpot Member

    Very fast browser! No issues yet after several houers of surfing. Seems flash is not working?
  3. nakedbrowser

    nakedbrowser Member

    Thank you. Flash should work if you have it installed. It is set to "on demand" so you have to touch the placeholder on the web page to make Flash start up. Also, be sure to have "plugins allowed" checked in options. If it still isn't working please let me know what device and android version you're using.
  4. Mvanderpot

    Mvanderpot Member

    Flash installed and plugins allowed in browser. Starting up from placeholder does not work for a dutch newssite www.nu.nI other sites working properly. Iam using a asus eee pad tf101 android 4.04
  5. nakedbrowser

    nakedbrowser Member

    I was just informed by an admin that because I started a new account just for this browser, that I am breaking the rules here. They are deleting this account.

    I will look into your issue. I hope you get this message.


  6. nakedbrowser

    nakedbrowser Member

    Well, they still haven't deleted this account.

    I checked out nu.nl and the problem seems to be that they use an overlay on top of the flash objects which makes it impossible to click them and activate them. The only workaround I could find was to turn off the desktop user agent (click "desktop" on the Naked Browser bottom menu) and reload the page. Then, the video will display in HTML5.

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