[App][Free] Root Package Disabler - Disable/freeze/uninstall any Package and Service

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    Root Package Disabler

    Working with all Android devices (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei,...etc) - Requires ROOT

    Play Store:

    ☆ Root Package Disabler is the best app forever help you disable, freeze and uninstall any Packages or Services (Installed, Bloatware and System) on your Android devices
    ☆ One tap to disable or enable all Bloatware (S Health, Gear VR, Instagram, One Drive, Microsoft Office, widget apps,...etc)
    ☆ Root Package Disabler will disable, freeze and uninstall packages and make them disappear, save your RAM usage, Battery life and improve your Performance. All disabled package is marked unavailable from running and updating.
    ☆ Root Package Disabler work with almost Android devices (Samsung, LG, HTC, etc) and works with Root permission
    ☆ Disable Gear VR service, you can use your Samsung Gear VR headset with Cardboard apps and games. Gear VR app will not be auto launched until you enable them again

    Main features:
    Disable any Package - disable (freeze) any Installed, Bloatware or System package
    One-tap enable/disable packages support for more than 300 Bloatware (pre-installed packages)
    Disable any Service - disable any service (open Detail app dialog then click on [Service] button to use)
    Export/Import XML file - export/import disabled packages list to external storage, support to Backup and Restore disabled packages list feature
    Custom Bloatware list feature - edit and custom Bloatware list by yourself (support by [Set Non-Bloat] and [Set As Bloat] function)
    More Options - support to hide/unhide, show detail, launch and uninstall package
    Clear application Data - save your memory, battery and improve your performance
    One-tap Clear Data of Disabled packages - quickly to clear data of all disabled packages
    Favorite packages feature - save your favorite packages, quickly to access and disable
    Filter(top-right corner icon) - disabled packages list, running packages list, farvorite packages list, running services list
    Multiple Custom Widgets - quickly enable/disable any package or packages group
    Password Protection Mode - lock this application by Passcode (offline)
    Material Design - simple and easy to use

    How to add Home screen Widget:
    - Go Home screen, press and hold on Home screen for 1 or 2 seconds.
    - Select WIDGETS tab, find [Root Package Disable] then drag and drop widget to Home screen

    Important Note:
    - Please enable all packages, even apps that you consider bloatware before a system update (OTA)
    - Always be careful to disable Critical (System) packages, unless you are sure that it safe to disable.

    We would love to hear from our customers. If you have any problem, questions or feedback about this app please contact us at [kunkunsoft@gmail.com]



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    Jul 23, 2016
    If you have any problem, questions or feedback about this app please contact us at [kunkunsoft@gmail.com]
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    Jul 23, 2016
    Version 1.0.1:
    - x2 loading speed
    - change some UI and fix some bugs

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