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[APP][FREE] VoytPaint - application for painters

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  1. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

    Android application for painters.
    Simple and fast!

    There are a lot of tools for you, such as:
    -fill (solid and gradient)
    -line and bezier line
    -shapes (rectangle, ellipse and rectangle with rounded corners)

    Multitouch zoom and undo\redo is enabled too!!!
    You can open photo from your device
    Max image size is 1280*1280

    Android 3.x enabled (fullscreen).


    Full 1.99$


    Wait for your questions, comments and suggestions!!!!

  2. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

  3. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

    update 1.3.3
    -fixed zoom centering
    -alpha channel fixed
    - airbrush fixed
    -for free version max size of image is 1280*1280
  4. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

    update 1.4
    - fixed bugs
    - added blur tool and grayscale filter
    - for free version you can open photo from device
  5. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

    update 1.4.1
    -brush and airbrush uses finger or stylus pressure
    -new filters (negative, brightness, color)
    -fixed bugs
  6. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

    update on market 1.4.3
    -brush with pressure works more smoothly
    -now you can post image to Facebook or share to other sources
    -added effects (blur, contrast, image frames (like instagram))
    -in multitouch mode you can pan image by two fingers
    -fixed bugs
  7. SVoyt

    SVoyt Member

    update on market 1.4.4
    -added effects - vintage, noise, pixel
    -added sd-card installation
    -fixed bugs

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