App freeze please.Support

  1. aHappyGuy

    aHappyGuy New Member

    I have Accuweather app installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.
    On the lock screen after turned tablet on and before entering the home screen there is info from Accuweather regarding weather from my hometown....problem is that the info has frozen with same info and wont update.I though removing the app and reinstall will fix it but I cant find the app in program list,what name should I look for.....
    Can anyone help a newbie?

  2. Shirley in NJ

    Shirley in NJ New Member

    Hi! Another newbie here, but ...

    I literally JUST got my Note 2. I noticed (expected) that after I turned off my all my location service (or any app/service that might run in the background using GPS, etc.), my weather thingie on the first page no longer updated. In my case, I expected it because I knowingly shut it all off, but ... I thought perhaps you weren't aware of the connection, or might have unwittingly shut off some locating control the app requires to send you your local weather updates?

    Hope that helps! If not, ignore me! :D
  3. aHappyGuy

    aHappyGuy New Member

    Thanks for suggestion but that didnt work.....seems the only solution would be to remove the install from program group.....problem is that I cant find it.

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