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    I would like to share with you guys an app I recently finished called Fresco. With Fresco you can view images posted on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website of NASA. Every image has an explanation written by a professional astronomer and every image ever posted on this website is available in this app (starting somewhere back in 1995) and the goal was to create a very polished, responsive, fast and easy to use interface while being very feature rich.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    * View over 5800 images with a new one being downloaded every day
    * Mark images as favorites
    * View a random image with one button click (I use it to find cool pictures and stories, you can cycle through all images or your favorites)
    * View a grid with image archive (with ascending, descending and random sorting)
    * Full Text Search for images (e.g. searching for 'apollo moon armstrong' will show all images containing those words, the index uses Porter Stemming Algorithm)
    * Double click an image to view it full-size and you can zoom it
    * Set image as wallpaper
    * Automatically set wallpaper to today's image as soon as it's downloaded (my favorite)
    * Share images (via all channels available on your device)

    Why it was made
    For a long time I was used to a similar app called NasaImages, but it disturbed me that it had a sluggish interface, showed wrong dates and was not able to correctly show 'special characters' like

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    Version 1.3.0 has now been released, it will appear in the market shortly :) You could also download it manually here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11837707/fresco/apks/Fresco_1_3_0.apk

    - Added a complete archive of the Nasa image of the day (iotd) images (found on NASA - Home), over 2300!
    - Added the latest iotd to the wallpaper selection screen
    - Clarified the tabs on the wallpaper selection screen by making the page indicator lines thicker and moving them to the top
    - Improved image resizing of smaller images (they will now stretch)
    - Improved memory utilization when opening large images

    Images showing the changes:

    The main screen now shows 'Latest APOD' and 'Latest IOTD' in stead of 'Today's image'
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The image archive now shows the source of the image in the top right corner (with a 50% transparency)

    Choosing a new wallpaper after notification now has added the Latest IOTD image and the page indicators have been made thicker and moved to the top for clarity

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    Another update, version 1.4.1 is available in the market now!
    Link: Fresco

    1.4.1 (mar 5, 2013)
    - [3.0+] Fixed issue with the picture frame widget not fully resizing on high resolution devices

    1.4.0 (mar 3, 2013)
    - Rewrote background worker mechanism, this should fix all 'freeze' situations and make Fresco a lot more responsive (like it should)
    - [3.0+] Added (scrollable) home screen widgets for today's image (Picture frame, just text or both)
    - Fresco now chooses an appropriate location for cached images and this location is now editable in settings
    - Notifications of new wallpapers didn't work until the app was started at least once
    - In the select wallpaper dialog you can now open Fresco (to read the text of the image)
    - Removed unused space on imageview (sometimes the text was even not visible without scrolling while half of the screen was black)
    - [3.0+]Widgets are now clickable
    - Automatically setting an IOTD image as wallpaper could fail

    Have fun!

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