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  1. qwho

    qwho Well-Known Member

    GPS Texter

    I know there are already a couple apps in the market that can accomplish this, but I thought an app that quickly and easy sends your current position as coordinates, the nearest address, or a google maps view with a pinpoint would be useful. So I made it.

    The logic design is too large an image to host here, so here is the imageshack link: Click here

    Also some screenshots of the app below.

    Here is the apk (on media fire) click here

    Update for version 8 fixes the obvious spelling error on the front page.

    So far I think that app inventor has a lot of promise, but for now it is limited. I wish there were more people on this board with access to it.

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  2. -ebby-

    -ebby- Well-Known Member

    looks good and seems to take up less space then the one apk i made (just showed the rotation stats for developing other apps) did you do anything to make it smaller?
  3. qwho

    qwho Well-Known Member

    No, I just built the logic with the blocks according to how I thought I wanted it to work.

    Ended up slightly over a meg.

    There are no images or sound files in the app, and only a few buttons and labels.

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