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  1. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

    I'd like to buy this. Buy I want to use Paypal. Because I already have it. And I don't want my financial information given out again. I.e. give out cc & or bank info out again.

  2. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member


    The app needs access to talk.google.com and port 5222. If those are blocked you won't be able to sign in with the app.
  3. Groove User818

    Groove User818 New Member

    I just purchased the Groove IP for my LG Optimus V (Virgin Mobile carrier) phone. It works well on the phone itself... Thank you to the developers !!

    But when I try to use my Samsung WEP470 bluetooth headset, the phone defaults to the Google Voice Menu: "call with Google Voice" or "call without Google Voice". It does not open up the Groove IP dialer.

    How, if possible, do I make the Groove IP dialer have priority when using the bluetooth headset?

    By the way, when I "paired" the headset to my phone, there was no option to select Google Voice or not. I'm guessing Google Voice has some default to be the priority dialer when my bluetooth headset connects to the phone.

    Hope you have a fix for this !!
  4. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity what happens if you pick call without Google Voice. Does it then give you the option to use GrooVe IP?
  5. Groove User818

    Groove User818 New Member

    I tried what you suggested.
    I set the Google Voice to "do not use Google Voice".
    Then I tried to use the bluetooth headset to start a phone call.
    The Groove IP dialer did indeed start to dial, but there was no ring to be heard on the headset or phone, and no ring on my home phone either (I tried to call my landline home phone while at home). It stayed on the display which said "calling" endlessly until I finally hung up.

    Another issue, separate from above, is that the connection to Groove IP not reliable. Now I'm frequently getting the message about "...Groove Ip is not currently signed in to Google Voice... wait a minute, or please verify user name and password, and try the sign in menu".

    I have not changed my Google Voice ID or password so I don't know why Groove IP gives this message and does not dial.
  6. and_rosh

    and_rosh Member

    First of all, huge thank for Snrb for creating this app. It has been working great and i was waiting a long time for this app.

    I got couple questions and suggestions.

    1. I know that other people can call me by dialing my gmail account name via gtalk or gmail without dialing the GV number. Is there anyway for me to call any gmail name (not GV number) via groove IP? (hope the question is clear)

    2. Im using incredible S and the screen doesnt go sleep while im on a call. Is there any fix for it?

    3. I would like to have the following feature: Suppose the app is offline, is there anyway to dial from the app so that recipient see the GV number. Like GV real client. It dials a fake number via cell minuets but the receiver sees my GV #.
  7. box986

    box986 Member

    Just about everything is working fine except for the "Accept Calls on Answer" setting. I have this box checked, but sometimes I still get a prompt to press "1" to answer an incoming call.

    I am using an LG Optimus V. Thanks.
  8. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    For #1, that's not currently supported. The app only dials phone numbers right now. It is on our list of features to add however.

    #2. We're working on a screen lock. The current proximity sensor implementation we have doesn't seem to work on all devices

    I'm not sure I understand #3. Calls made through the app should show up with your GV caller id. Can you explain further?
  9. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    A few other people have reported this. We're trying to figure out why it doesn't work for everyone. What's happening is the app is sending out the digit '1' when you answer. But that '1' is not recognized.
  10. Pinan

    Pinan Well-Known Member

    Fwiw: I have the same phone, and it works fine. DTMF issue?
  11. furkansahin

    furkansahin Member

    When google voice is directed to both the cell phone and to google chat, does this app suppress the incoming cell call or present an option to choose which call to answer?

    This is quite important, because if you want to use the google voice number as a permanent number, it is great to have coverage everywhere even without wifi. Having an option to choose would be great, because there might be wifi available but the signal could be so low that it is not feasible to take the call over wifi.
  12. Trevmar

    Trevmar New Member

    WARNING - before you pay your $3.99 be aware that GrooVe IP launches "flurry" on your phone, which sends a pile of personal information, including the unique IMEI number of your phone, to flurry.com

    I bought it, and the application works well, but once launched, it runs background processes which send personal data back to flurry.com every few minutes

    So I have to uninstall it and lose my $3.99 (I didn't notice the flurry problem in the first 15 minutes...)
  13. rotnerl

    rotnerl New Member

    I'm using Groove IP on a Optimus V and can't seem to get it to work correctly. It keeps logging me in and out over and over again and I can't maintain a solid connection. When it signs out, it usually takes a phone reboot to get it signed back in.

    I'm using a custom rom, aosp 2.3.4 BTW. Thanks for any help!
  14. redbot

    redbot New Member

    Is there a way to set it up so that you receive them to your phone even if you're logged in? I (like a lot of people, I imagine) like to leave my Gmail open in my browser as I work to see incoming messages as they appear, as well as utilize Chat.

    Also, I'm not sure if you'd be able to answer this, but I am using the app on an LG Optimus S. When I set up Google Voice, I connected my Sprint account to Voice (using my same number). Should I have done that? Could that create issues down the line as I use GrooVeIP?
  15. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

    Finally got around Google Checkout & bought this.

    I spent over 12 hours trying to this on my own without buying anything. As far as I got was to make 1 outgoing call to a toll free #.

    Bought Groove IP today. Hardest part was Google Checkout. In less than 5 minutes I set this up & made an outgoing test call. Perfect.

    Then I had to take care of life stuff.

    Got back to this a few minutes ago & was able to receive an incoming call. Person complained of echo. Adjust mic gain a couple times. And afaik everything is perfect.

    So in less than 10 minutes Good To Go. Wow!
    The Help section of this program is EXCELLENT!
    Like I said the hardest part was Google Checkout. :)

    FYI: This is 1st app I've paid for. Don't hesitate, GET this app.
  16. redbot

    redbot New Member

    So, follow up to this post...
    I tried to disable Sprint Mobile Phone under "Forward calls to:" in the GV settings, and enable Google Chat. It worked! I received a call to my phone via Groove (I was even logged in to both Gmail and Voice on my computer)! The only problem was that then I wouldn't receive text messages to my phone... I re-enabled Sprint Mobile Phone (keeping Google Chat active, as well) and was able to receive texts again, but then when receiving calls it reverted back to the normal phone and logged out of Groove (it took restarting the program to log back in). Is there a way to receive both texts and calls via Groove simultaneously?

    Also, I've read about and noticed the problem of lag at the beginning of calls. Is that just the nature of the beast or is there a potential fix to that issue?

    Also, also...

    Wouldn't it be better to change that setting within Voice rather than giving the app another job to do? Could that be the reason for the lag at the beginning of calls? I just changed the setting and have not tested it yet...

    While I'm here, I'd like to ask about call quality. It's safe to say that the traditional phone line has a much higher quality than using Groove. Is that a GV issue? I've had people describe it to me as "crackling"... not cutting in and out... I'd describe it as "tinny"... do you have any control over this or is it dependent of my connection?

    One more thing then I swear I'm done! I had a call drop earlier while using Groove. I was able to hear the other person just fine, but they couldn't hear me. The phenomenon happened in the middle of the call. Not a huge deal, but something I thought you should be aware of.

    Keep up the good work! I'm excited to see the potential of what this can do!
  17. javlinsharp

    javlinsharp Member

    This app is awsome, is the first and only app I have ever purchased. Ive been using it for about a month, making and receiving calls on 3G and Wifi. Im at this point, I trust it to take calls from my mom 3G data while I walk down a busy street... AWSOME.

    In this much time, I can think of only a few minor improvements.
    1. I would like to have a more obvious way to know if in-bound calls are coming in on my GV number or from mobile network number. Admittedly, it does this now, but Im blind, lazy, not careful. With this, I could more accuratly control my usage, ignore the call and call back on GV.
    Maybe a diff ring tone, or selectable theme colors or something...

    2. Yes, sometimes Groove IP has trouble connecting. While annoying, Im ok with it. What I really want is some message when GVIP fails to connect, and why.
    For example, I recently updated my Droid X with a Verizon update. After this GVIP would not login. I tried many things, until I finally re-entered my password, this solved it...

    If I had known the reason why GVIP failed to connect, I could have saved time messing around with reboots, switching wifi 3G, and scouring settings for misconfigs.
  18. javlinsharp

    javlinsharp Member

    Developers - Please respond to this. Is it true that GrooveIP connects to Flurry or any other system besides Google Voice. If so PLEASE STOP. Didnt we give you enough money with the purchase price? If you need more $ then charge more. Your product is worth it....

    I just posted a message proclaiming the awsomeness of this product. I hope Im not wrong.
  19. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member


    The app is connected to flurry. The ONLY thing sent to flurry is exceptions/errors and app startup. There's absolutely no personal information that we get access to. All we use it for is finding out what errors people run into and to track how much piracy there is (# of users - sales = piracy rate).
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  20. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    For #1 there's a ringtone config in the GrooVe IP settings. You can change the ringtone GrooVe IP uses to something different than your native phone.

    For #2 we're working on adding some more user feedback to the sign in process. We recognize that right now it's too difficult to troubleshoot.
  21. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Long post :)

    You can have calls forwarded to google chat only and use the official google voice app for text messages. That's about the only solution right now.

    Not sure what can be done about the lag at the beginning of calls. We are looking at it though.

    The problem with the auto answer setting in Google Voice is it doesn't work. Even if you disable the setting Google Voice will still ask you to press 1 or 2. You can give it a shot, disable it in your google voice account and uncheck 'auto accept' in GrooVe IP. When we originally developed the app that setting was broken...haven't heard of it being fixed.

    Network is the biggest factor in call quality. But you may have some success with the incoming/outgoing audio processing. Or both of those AND the audio mode fallback. Each phone is different so some settings may help, others may do nothing, and others may actually make things worse on some phones. Android is fun that way.
  22. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Right now we don't have any way to change settings in your google voice account. We have had a few people ask us to auto flip those settings. But honestly we don't really want to muck with people's accounts. All sorts of accusations can start flying around then.
  23. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Speaking of ringtones, does Groove IP maintain the ringtone settings from your current contacts? I have 4 or 5 ringtones for "family", "work"... etc...

    Is there an automated way to use GrooveIP only when connected to WiFi? I would guess something like tasker could do this if the app itself doesn't. Would be a great feature... get home (no cell coverage), phone goes to WiFi, Groove IP turns itself on (and then back off when WiFi is off).

    I'm about to throw my $4 your way!

  24. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Haven't hooked into the contact specific ringtones yet. It's on the list of things to do.

    By default the app will only sign in over WiFi. You have to check the "Allow 3G/4G Calling" checkbox to make it sign in over your phones data connection. The only issue is that you have to have calls forwarded to google chat and not your mobile number. So if the app is only running when you have wifi, if someone calls when the app is disconnected you'll miss the call.
  25. oke03792

    oke03792 Member

    I installed Groove IP today and love it. I'm having trouble getting it to ring when it is asleep, otherwise it seems perfect.Any idea how to get it to wake up when a call comes in?

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