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[APP] GrooVe IP - Google Voice VoIP

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  1. Takenover83

    Takenover83 Member

    Yes, I can always hear them. Sometimes they can hear me for the first few seconds (So I am told). If I had a good data connection (only 2G here), I would test it more over Edge to see if it's just a local problem on my end. Are there any ports that might need opened?

  2. paul12

    paul12 Member

    Thanks for the response. Still having problems getting registered. Have only the red circle. Yes I use AT&T 3g daily and have it enabled in the groove settings. The app is running so don't think its a 2.3.3 issue or N1 issue. Only thing I can think of is a google voice problem.
  3. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Hm. I've used it on AT&T with 3G, so don't think it's a network problem. I haven't ever tried 2.3.3, but can't imagine why the app would run and just not register if it was a 2.3.3 issue.

    Do you have a google voice phone number? Or just a google voice account? If you don't have a phone number that could cause the registration to fail.
  4. paul12

    paul12 Member

    I think what happened is I made the mistake of having the do not disturb setting in google voice on previously to installing groove. When I enabled google voice again, I think something went wrong on the google voice side. Will try on 2.2. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Takenover83

    Takenover83 Member

    I am not sure if this is a common bug. But when I first installed the app, everything was coming threw the speaker phone. I had to reboot my Optimus V to resolve it (only happened that one time). After rebooting, the speaker phone does not work at all. Pressing the Speaker button turns the icon green, but audio still stays on the ear-piece speaker.

    I do not have the Audio Mode Hack enabled. When I disable the Audio Routing Hack, the speaker phone works.
  6. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Hey, sorry I guess I should make the help for Audio Routing Hack clearer. The checkbox governs which api we use to tell the phone where to route (speaker or earpiece) incoming audio. The default api we use should work for most phones. But we noticed that api doesn't work on all phones, either the voice would always come from the speaker or the speaker phone toggle didn't work.

    If your speaker phone button works properly and without Audio Routing Hack then I'd leave Audio Routing Hack disabled.

    Hope that clears things up! Let me know if you still have questions.
  7. paul12

    paul12 Member

    The Noob got it working on my ATT N1 on 2.3.3. Was putting in the wrong credentials under password. Thanks snrb great app!
  8. yoramsk

    yoramsk New Member

    Hi, i installed the app on my optimus V and I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me. I tried both the hacks and they still cannot hear me. Another problem is that for incoming calls, sometimes there is no answer (green) icon, only the ignore red shows up. Any ideas.

    PS - i also tried upping the mic gain.
  9. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Haha, that's great. Glad you were able to get it working! You had me worried for a while.
  10. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Hi! Are you using wifi? Some phones have a problem where if the screen turns off the chip goes into power saving mode. That could cause one way voice. The red icon means you're not currently registered with Google Voice, so neither incoming or outgoing calls will work at that point.
  11. yoramsk

    yoramsk New Member

    I have tried both wifi and 3g (full bars) and the other person just cannot hear me. I don't mean that the registration icon was red. I mean the red ignore a call symbol shows up. I have frustrated a few friends testing with all the different settings but still no luck.
  12. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Sorry, understand what you're talking about now. It sounds like the incoming calls are getting stuck at signalling. That's why you only get the ignore button. Sorry I don't have a quick answer for you, I'll brainstorm with the other guys and see if I can get you an answer. It's as if packets we send just aren't getting to Google Voice. Your data connection on the phone is working fine when all this happens right? Like you can browse the net and everything?
  13. yoramsk

    yoramsk New Member

    Hi, yes I can browse the web fine and I hear the person I'm calling clearly. They just cannot hear me. I appreciate your efforts on this app and the direct access to you. Thanks.


    I like the GrooVe IP app. One thing I noticed and want to share that when my gmail is open, I do not receive calls on GrooVe IP. As soon as I singout from Gmail, I can receive calls.
  15. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Ya, a few people have mentioned that. We're adding that to the help. Not sure there is anything we can do to get around that, Google Voice is routing the call to your gmail instead of to us.


    Talkatone iPhone app has the same issues, if one is logged into gmail, Talkatone app does not receive calls. I have two laptops and only one gmail account seems to receive the call, the other laptop does not ring at all. So the issue is not at your end snrb, its the Google philosophy lol. But my point of mentioning this was that some users had complaints of not receiving the calls on their app, they may have gmail open in their browser and if they are venturing out not realizing that they are actually receiving calls in the gmail account with computer sitting at home while they are outside.
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  17. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Was wondering if Talkatone had the same issue.
  18. error7

    error7 New Member

    I am having the same problem as "yoramsk" I can hear them perfectly fine, but they cannot hear me.
    I tested it having both phones in hand and you can tell when im talking but its very chopped up and sounds like no one is there.

    Same result on wifi and 3g, also tried both hacks.

    Im using a rooted HTC Incredible with a custom rom running android 2.2. I might flash back to CM and see if it works I'll let you know.

    -Update- I tried it on CM7 (2.3.3) still no luck same result
  19. roc55555

    roc55555 New Member

    I am in the process of ending my contract with iphone, and have hated my experience with At&t. I used Talkatone alot over wifi becuz my 3g service sucked. I am looking to switch to a droid phone, and wanted to see if an app like talkatone existed for it, which is how I came across this app.

    My question is, will lets say Verizon (who i will be likely moving toward), be willing to offer a data plan WITHOUT a phone plan? Have people heard of this? I would love to be able to use 4g LTE with something like the Thunderbolt and use an app like this for ALL my calls via VoIP. Of course I would port my current phone number to google voice to keep my number active, but how feasible do you guys think this is based on carrier limitations and/or limitations with this groove IP app? Are others of u out there doing anything like this with this type of app, by just purchasing a data plan?
  20. error7

    error7 New Member

    Just talked to Verizon about this a few days ago.

    On Verizon you can get a data-only plan(on androids and blackberries) for $55 for unlimited data and they will give you the 2 year contract price on the phone.

    You could also get the cheapest voice plan and add data. Which is 450 minutes for $39.99 and add you data for $29.99 so thats $70 and you have a fall back number if your somewhere without 3G. Depends on if you wanna pay and extra $15 a month to have a number you wont hardly use.

    Also you can save $10 on the $39.99 voice plan. If your over 65 you can get a plan with 200 minutes and it's $29.99

    And you will not get MMS messageson you GV #. Google Voice doesn't support this yet.(hopefully this changes soon)
  21. mmarz

    mmarz Member

    Get Virgin Mobile. Unlimited Data and 300 mins for $25/mo with no contract. Coverage is exactly the same as Sprint. I've been using voip in some form or another since I bought the phone. I can use that 300 mins whenever I'm caught without data. So far, I've only used ~60mins of voice. The rest has been voip. The Optimus V is awesome.
  22. snrb

    snrb Well-Known Member

    Version 1.0.12 is up on the market

    - Calls that hang at signalling will auto fail in a few seconds
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    GrooVe IP is getting better every time this app gets updated. Looking at the dedication and passion of GrooVe IP staff, I think this app is going to conquer the android market very soon. I love this app and every time I get updates to this app, it comes with joy and more stable experience. Kudos to GrooVe IP.
  24. franke

    franke New Member

    purchased the app, but it will not register. I have put in the correct username (no @gmail.com correct?) and password several times now. Read somewhere to log onto gmail in the browser and that did not work. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  25. gavin8

    gavin8 Member


    I am very interested in this app. Before i purchase it, i have a question to the developer.

    Do you store emails and passwords anywhere else except on the phone?

    Thank you

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