App Help!! Cut Picture and place over another background?

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  1. Leo1983

    Leo1983 New Member

    Hello, first time poster so thanks in advance for any help!

    Im a Android convert from iPhone, been really pleased so far, there is just one thing I can't seem to do that my iPhone using friends can...

    They have an App called Photo Crop, which is able to cut the head off a picture and put said head onto another picture. (Layering?)

    Recent example... my friend has a picture of me, he cuts my head and then pastes it onto another picture of a man with massive 'moobs'. Hilarity ensues.

    I have searched for a similar app on Google Play but can't find one, anyone know of any?

    I have a galaxy s3 if that makes any difference.


  2. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Cutting and pasting between photos is pretty much a basic ability of any photo editing app.
  3. Leo1983

    Leo1983 New Member

    Hmm that's odd as I have tried quite a few and none seem to let me cut a piece of a picture without it being resized to fit the whole screen. Is there an example of an app that can definitely do this and I will download and work it out?

  4. Leo1983

    Leo1983 New Member

    Can anyone recommend an app That can definitely do this??

  5. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Photomerge, Adobe Photoshop Express, Photo Collage and I'm sure that their are quite a few more.
  6. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

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