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  1. NekoTaks

    NekoTaks Active Member

    Recently, I've been browsing the App Market to see what new apps I could play with on my phone (most recent was an FTP server app called FTP Server, by rapfox, lets me use my phone like a thumbdrive without connecting it to my laptop), when I came upon an updated version of the YouTube app. Like most other smartphone users, I have YouTube as a form of entertainment when I'm walking outside, or (in my case, at least) when I need to look up a demonstration video for my online Physics class. When I opened it to view the app and update it, however, I got a black bar at the top saying that the app was incompatible with my phone. I checked my other apps, such as TB, SetDNS, and a few others, and they along with a few other apps of them also had the black bar at the top of the description.

    Luckily, my sister also has an Ally, so I was able to check if it also said that YouTube was incompatible with her phone. The black bar at the top wasn't displayed, and the Update and Open buttons were displayed, so I'm assuming it's just my phone that this is happening to.

    Is anyone else experiencing this too?

  2. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    Yep. Have an Ally; same issue here. Which 1.2.2 Beta are you running? 14 here.
  3. frugalally

    frugalally Active Member

    Also, is your screen density something other than the default 240?
  4. NekoTaks

    NekoTaks Active Member

    I'm also running 14 (love it for its snappiness, and for the sexy ICS look it gives my Ally; soon to be flashed to the new 18 update). Turns out it did have to do with the screen density. Reverting back to 240 and rebooting (strangely, it took two reboots to get the Market to show that my apps were compatible) fixed the compatibility problem.
  5. superchloexoxo

    superchloexoxo New Member

    Some apps are incompadable with my phone i see ^^^^ you ar sugesting to change the lcd density do you know how?

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