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  1. dward87

    dward87 New Member

    I have a MyTouch 4G, and I was noticing that certain applications give me a notification sound when they are successfully installed from the Market, while others do not. Why is this? It seems logical that all of the apps should either make the noise or not... An example of this is the IMDB app. After it has downloaded and installed, my phone makes a noise to let me know that it is installed. However, the Office Depot app, for instance, installs without making any sound. This just seems odd to me, and I have not found any settings menu where you configure the installation notification sounds for the Market... Can anyone else try installing those and seeing if they get the same results? Perhaps someone has the answer... Maybe it is something written into the app that some developers use and others do not? Thanks in advance for all the help!

  2. dward87

    dward87 New Member

    So, I figured this one out for myself... I use the App2SD app that gives me the option of moving installed apps to the SD card. It turns out that I had set the app to notify me when I installed an app that could be moved to the SD card. Therefore, I received a notification right when I installed an app that met that criterion. This explains why some apps would make the notification sound (those that could be moved), and some would not (those that couldn't be moved). Perhaps this info will help anyone who might be wondering about this issue in the future.

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