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  1. RCope48

    RCope48 Well-Known Member

    I have the free app killer installed, why is whenever I open it up there is always a different set of apps running, one time its voicemail, I kill it, then I'll see the speech app, and so on, whats the deal?

  2. nilihanth

    nilihanth Active Member

    First off, to explain why, Android automatically closes out processes that become stale or low priority to make room for new processes started. Generally Android does well enough on its own to close out processes and you'll even hear people on here say to never use a task killer. I have never used a task killer on my phone and my Wife's Intercept has never had a task killer on it. You run the risk of closing a task that really needed to be running and may cause a service to stop that was doing an important task.

    So really I wouldn't just not worry about a task killer unless you really know what you're doing. Why would you kill voicemail anyway?
  3. jedema

    jedema Member

    I have it... I don't use it.

    I like having my twits notify me without logging back in
    I like having weatherbug in the top corner of the screen

    yes I know it drains the battery, but thats why I have a charger in my car.
  4. aminaked

    aminaked Well-Known Member

    Don't use a task killer. Don't kill tasks.
  5. Nahnmon

    Nahnmon New Member

    I LOOVE app killer unfortunately it has disappeared from at one time it was on the main screen then it was at the top of the screen as a tiny icon. I tried to get it back, but no cigar. How do I get it back. It really does extend battery life and is awesome. Heeeeelp, please

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