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  1. Hi everyone,

    I would like to prensent you Sighting Compass, an application designed to measure the bearing of known targets to help determining the current location.

    The app uses the camera to measure the bearing:


    The recorded bearings can be viewed in a list, and should this be needed, the pictures can be enlarged when plotting your location on the map (the map is not included, this application does only take and record bearings):


    A preference menu allows setting the accuracy parameters depending of your hardware. However, when a high precision is needed for security reasons or when the law makes mandatory the use of a sighting compass, the application should not be used but a physical sighting compass instead.

    The app is available in english, german and french.

    The hardware requirements are:
    - Android 1.5 or higher
    - Accelerometer
    - Digital compass
    - Camera

    Here is the download QR code:


    Should you like to know more about this app, please feel free to visit the application's online documentation !

    Have a nice day,


  2. Hi everyone,

    Just to tell you that a new version has been released: the english version was improved, and so the memory management.

    Have a nice day,
  3. Hi,

    A 12 hours trial version of this app is now available.

    The package to look for is org.shlublu.android.sightingcompass.trial
    The QR Code is there:

    This is exactly the same version as the regular one, but the time limitation and the need of an internet access

    Have a nice day
  4. Hi everyone,

    I've just released a new version of the app that includes a bunch of enhancements:

    v2.0: 2011-04-22
    - Fixed a bug that was preventing the connection to the licensing server (trial version only)
    - Size of the bearing indicator increased in camera mode
    - Camera handling improvements. I hope this will fix the Motorola Defy issue (Defy users, please let me know! This would be very very very nice!!)
    - Storage of the picture on the SD card. They are now available as JPEGs to the users.
    -Automatic export to the SD card of the pictures taken with former version
    - Integration of the overprinted information (bearing, pitch, roll, reliability) to the pictures (according to your user preference)
    - Date and time added to the bearings list and to the file name of the pictures
    - Bearings are now sorted by descending dates

    This makes the user interface to change a bit:

    - Normal taking of a bearing:


    - Bad take (too much roll, here):


    - Bearings list, now sorted by descending date/time:


    - Details of a bearing. The image is now stored as a JPEG on your SD card. It also integrates the overprinted information if defined in your user preferences:


    - User preferences were enhanced a bit:


    - And the help as well:


    - You can copy the images from the SD to your PC or Mac:


    I also extended the validity of the free trial version. It was 12 hours, it is now 48 hours. 12h was definitely too short.

    The QR codes are below:

    - Standard version:


    - And free trial version. This is a full version, it is only limited in time:


    Should you be interested in more details, this is there: Shlublu.org

    Have a nice week-end!

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