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    I just uploaded the new application I was working on yesterday to the android market.
    The name of the app is MyTaxIndia. It was originally designed and developed for the iPhone and iPad. I ported it to the android platform. I tried my best to make it as uniform with the iPhone version.

    My Tax India

    Please download, rate and review it. Let me know what ur comments are.

    Ive utilized a lot of the standard android animations. To get the best results you need a high density phone.
    Well heres the market link. Do spread the word as every download could really help me.
    https://market.android.com/details?id=c ... rch_result

    I hope you folks will love it.

    YouTube - My Tax India, Android App

  2. blessenm

    blessenm Member

    From my understanding this is one of the biggest android forums. I am amazed that I didnt get any response.

    It would be great if u guys could give me some feedback.
  3. blessenm

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    We are almost reaching 100 downloads. Currently crossed 90.
  4. blessenm

    blessenm Member

    Just crossed 100 downloads. Next aim is the 500 mark. Long way to go but im optimistic.
  5. blessenm

    blessenm Member

    Version 1.1 now available on the market. This version includes many bug fixes. Let us know what you think. We could really use ur ratings and review on the android market.

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