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  1. oh-well

    oh-well New Member


    I recently got a Motorola flip out it has being a good phone so far, but I have had trouble trying to get apps onto my sd card and I am running out of memory on the phone. I am running android 2.1 please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

  2. Is the card mounted? Go through the phone settings and see what's what with the SD card status.
  3. oh-well

    oh-well New Member

    yep the cards mounted, and i have 2gb free
  4. shugs81

    shugs81 Member

    I've only recently got one of these phones and I've tried a few things...

    used app2card and managed to partition the card but when it comes to moving apps across it won't mount the ext2 partition... got a few things to try... will try to update if i get any further...
  5. giyna

    giyna Member

    Make a Fat 32 partition using Minitool Partition Wizard. Root your phone with Universal Androot. Install Link2SD to change the installed apps to SD. I have a Flipout and works great.
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  6. kingjoe

    kingjoe New Member

    Are you 100% sure that this is possible on Flipout with Android 2.1? Do you have a link for a tutorial how exactly to do that? Thank you very much for your answer in advance!

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