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  1. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    hi i have the wondermedia wm8650. i have downloaded the latest version of a game i play on the iphone for it. but the android version its "the world of magic.apk version 1.1.5" i am able to download it install it and even log in. straight after login its suppoise to run the game but it doesnt it just cuts off back to the backscreen. i have no idea what the problem is as ive read i meet the games requirements. please help.


  2. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    44 views so far an no reply anyone got any ideas?
  3. brett1982

    brett1982 Active Member

    This is my first android so im not sure what to do so heres some more info:

    It is the oringal build from china i have not changed anything. though reading these forums it seems its best to. though i havent even started to look up how.

    also i dont have a memory card with it.

    duno what else to say its totally stumped me.

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