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  1. krke

    krke Member

    Hello together,

    after publishing my app for PalmOS and later for webOS, now I've moved to Android, and want to introduce the Beta-version of my app here:

    PlanMyDay - an easy to use time planning app, to plan all the activities, you want to do today

    PlanMyDay is more than just a task manager, because it allows to plan and to prioritize tasks.

    Each task gets associated a duration and other attributes associated. Then all tasks can be ordered by their importance, simply by changing the order, This allows at any time an overview, which tasks can be done in which time frame.

    You can check in the current task, i.e. the elapsed time is counted. At the same time, the time planning for the following Tasks gets continuously updated.

    So you have a continuous overview, of how much time is left for the day.

    More infos and screenshots can be found on Google Play at:

    I would appreciate very much your suggestions!

    Cheers, Klaus

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  2. krke

    krke Member

    It goes on ... the next version of PlanMyDay is ready.

    Expect the following new features:

    • Important: The green check-in icon is exchanged with the red check-out icon
    • Better scaling of font size on different devices
    • Improved notification icon
    • Added Quick-Actions for better navigation on tasks
    • Ask before canceling an unsaved task
    • Icons adapted to Android 4.x
    • Bugfix: The note is no longer ignored, when editing a task
    • Bugfix: Rare crash, when reordering tasks, fixed

    Please test, and review and have fun!

    Cheers, Klaus
  3. krke

    krke Member

    New version of PlanMyDay is here, with the following new features:

    • It's now possible to enter any duration between 0.00 and 23.59 hours
    • Notifications configurable (vibration, alarm, LED)
    • Bugfix: Duration is saved again after editing

    Please test (especially the new LED-Notification on the devices, that support it) and give me feedback.

    Thanks, Klaus
  4. krke

    krke Member

    Again, a new Version of PlanMyDay (0.99.13) is ready to test.

    New features:
    • Dragging tasks improved optically and by handling
    • Battery-Improvements
    • Bugfix: Continuously percentage calculation works again
    • Bugfix: Toodledo-Login problem fixed

    Have fun, Klaus
  5. krke

    krke Member

    New features, to detect in Version 0.99.17 of PlanMyDay:

    • Preferences simplified
    • Task summary compacted
    • Stability improved
    • Preference, to include Calendar timings in summary calculations
    • Bugfix for Android 2.2: App continues after entering Tasks
    • New Icon-design
    • Task summary on the bottom
    • Recalculation improved
    • Help for quick-add function
    • Calendars can be imported. This function is tested on Google and Samsung models. If it should not work on your device, please inform me!
    • When importing from Google and Toodledo, only tasks of the imported type get deleted.
    • Bugfix: multiple-checkin setting works again
    • Finished tasks can now also be closed on Toodledo automatically

    Please test and give me feedback.

    Thanks, Klaus
  6. krke

    krke Member

    New version 0.99.21 of PlanMyDay is out!

    New features:

    • Move app to SD-Card / external storage
    • Bugfix: Share to PlanMyDay works better now

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