App Request: Camcorder On/Off Scheduler Timer

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  1. indigoataxia

    indigoataxia New Member

    Im trying to find an app that schedules when to record. My daughter is waking up at the same every night for the last 2 weeks. I want to set up my droid x on the dresser and have it turn on recording at like 4 and turn back off at like 4:30 so i can see whats going on. Probably nothing but ive seen paranormal activity too many times lol. Is this possible? Does it already exist? Thanks for the help!

  2. iammer

    iammer New Member

    That is a pretty good idea. I am looking to get into android development and want a small project to get started with. If I come up with anything I will post here.

  3. indigoataxia

    indigoataxia New Member

    Awesome thanks. Seems simple enough

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