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  1. evenmonkeys

    evenmonkeys Member

    Hey there. If anyone would be interested in helping me build something really simple, I'd appreciate it. I'm not looking for anything that looks good.. I just want it to work.

    I've built an application that shows newspaper-styled comic strips, one slide at a time, and I am looking to change the way that the images are downloaded or viewed on one's device. Currently, I'm creating a new activity for each comic and then uploading every single image (which is currently over 700 images). I have 16 comics and the apk is almost 50Mb. Many people don't want to download anymore purely because of the size, which I understand.

    Here's what my app currently looks like: When you open the app, it shows a scrolling list of all of the available comics. You click on a comic, it takes you to a new activity and shows you the first slide. When you click the slide, it changes an integer to "1" and shows a new slide when a condition is met of "1". Click that slide again and it changes the int to "2" and the condition matches to show the next slide. When it's at the last slide, clicking it will go back to the list of comics. That's all it is.

    My goal is to get the size of the apk down as low as possible. I guess I have two ideas for what I am looking for.

    One idea is that the images are loaded from my own website. However, I don't know how to do this.. and I can't fully grasp the examples I'm looking at. The downside I have to this option is that it would only work while connected to the internet.

    The other idea I have is that when you select a comic from the list, it downloads all of the images for that one comic, and then starts the comic like normal when it finishes. After you finish reading the comic, you can either leave the comic on the device, or delete the images with the exception of the original "title image" that shows on the list. I prefer this option because you wouldn't need to be on the internet.

    I don't feel that this is a complicated application for someone who knows what they're doing.. but I just don't get how to do the whole url requests or downloading images from my server.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. dlhavema

    dlhavema Well-Known Member

    i'd say the server is a good way to go to go if you really need to get your app size down. also that way you could "dynamically" add new comic strips to the set and users would see them the next time they opened the app.

    When you say you've built an app, is it deployed anywhere? is it on the market?

    The downside of a server/website is if you don't already have one, then you will have an ongoing cost you'll have to cover somehow ( paid/ads/etc... )

    I'm assuming you've already looked into/secured rights to distribute the comics?

    All that being said, i think a simple server would be great for your needs if you can afford/support it... there are fairly cheep servers available...
  3. evenmonkeys

    evenmonkeys Member

    Currently, I am aiming toward about 50 people.. not very many. So the servers I currently already have are more than capable of handling what I need.

    I'm not worried about the servers or rights to my material.. I'm unable to build the app.
  4. dlhavema

    dlhavema Well-Known Member

    i'd setup a basic PHP based restful service to offer:

    1. list of comics
    2. details about comic
    3. path to images for a comic
    4. page to pull image file to android

    What language does your server serve up? ASP, PHP, JSP?
  5. evenmonkeys

    evenmonkeys Member

    Meh. If I knew how to do everything I needed to do, I wouldn't have to be here. =\

    I guess I just didn't think it'd be that hard to explain how to do this. But maybe it is. The tutorials I'm looking for don't seem like they're crazy difficult.. but I just don't get how to make it. When I put them into my application, they don't work.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll just keep looking.
  6. dlhavema

    dlhavema Well-Known Member

    Sorry, i think we got our wires crossed somewhere, the first place to start is to get a couple pages on your website serving up the data you need, and then later you can make them dynamic and smart.

    What programming languages does your website support?

    As you said this is not a complicated app to develop at all, I can help you walk through some of the major points, and also point you to examples on the web where someone is already doing what you want to be able to do.

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