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  1. moq

    moq New Member

  2. lenchan

    lenchan Well-Known Member

    There is already a Pennytel app (beta) in the Market.
  3. moq

    moq New Member

    yes I know of that one but it doesnt work. it is a callback app.

    I have used the iphone app for pennytel it is a proper softphone (direct dial)

    i have asked pennytel to create an app for it and they responeded with

    "At the moment there is no pennytel application for android. I can pass this information to our management to decide as a future enhancement..thanks for your feedback."
  4. lenchan

    lenchan Well-Known Member

    You can just use a SIP client (e.g. SIPAgent, SIPDroid), which would allow you to make VoIP calls to various providers including Pennytel.
  5. nalberto

    nalberto New Member

    Just use the following app CSipSimple
    I was on sipdroid for another sip provider. Then had to set up voip to pennytel and did not work with pennytel.

    And then i found csipsimple. It is really well done and there is a wizard that will let you connect to your pennytel account. Check under other providers in the wizard. Works really well and you dont need proxy

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