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[APP] ROIdS AdULT - Personal ASSistant

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  1. MiniSid17

    MiniSid17 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 8, 2011
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    Requires: 1.6+
    In Brief: Shout, slander, sully and swear at your phone, but watch out - this App Bites Back!
    What NOT to expect:
    • To be controlling a Hedgehog, Fish, Knight, Plumber or Bird (Angry or Otherwise)
    • To be collecting Coins, Stars, Rings, Mushrooms or Extra Lives
    • Stunning '3D' graphics
    • Just another Insult Generator
    • To be bored

    What you CAN expect:
    • Fun!!
    • Jokes, Jibes & Jests!!
    • To be Amused, Amazed & Annoyed!!
    • Insulting behavior!!
    • To waste a few hours of your day!!

    Watch ROIdS call Siri a 'douche':

    ROIdS is The Rather Obnoxious Intelligent Debating System!

    Having a bad day? Need someone to yell at? Why not take it out on your phone?

    Giggle, gasp and guffaw as ROIdS Jr tickles, taunts, and teases you with its huge vocabulary of witty, wacky, and sometimes downright weird phrases!

    R.O.I.d.S Jr adapts to and learns from what it hears, so choose your words carefully - or else go grab your friends, gather around your phone, and start INSULTING it!!

    Android Market / SlideMe / Amazon Appstore


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  2. DavidEccles

    DavidEccles Member

    Nov 13, 2011
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    Thanks for this, it's brightened my day! Move over Siri, ROIdS might not be smart, but it's FUNNY!

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