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  1. Cummo

    Cummo New Member

    Had my Wildfire delivered on Friday and so I'm pleased with my new phone. However, when I go on the app store the prices are all in dollars and the categorys e.g. sport is all American apps not english, is there a way to change this into English and Pound Sterling? I can't find a setting for it :confused:

  2. justbrowsing

    justbrowsing Member

    I don't think so.
    I'd quite like it to do the same
  3. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Active Member

    never even noticed lol but i'm often buying stuff in $ so that's probably why. good point though
  4. Tarrn

    Tarrn New Member

    The currencies are set by the app's developer - you'll also see Euros, Yen and even the odd Pounds on there, but unfortunately they can't be changed to your native currency.
  5. Northstander

    Northstander Member

    If you buy anything google checkout will automatically convert your purchase to

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