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  1. WombatMan

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    Hey all. I'm brand new to the Android scene, just got a new Droid yesterday. When I see lists of apps and whatnot online, I notice that a lot of them have stamps next to them. I say stamps because I'm not sure what they're actually called. They look unique, and from my understanding, you're supposed to be able to take a picture of them, and it takes you to the Android Marketplace to download the app, but that doesn't seem to work. Can anybody fill me in on exactly how these things work?

    Here's a web page that shows what I'm talking about in case I didn't explain it right: 50 Best Android Apps: Lifestyle and Productivity Apps [#1 - 15] | Google Android Blog


  2. jimdroid

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    They are 2 dimensional bar codes. You can scan them with your phone, using an app such as Barcode Scanner ( Barcode Scanner v3.1 Application for Android | Shopping ) and your phone will take you to the download page in the market for that app. I use them all the time, but then I'm a total geek.

  3. WombatMan

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    ok that makes more sense, I was taking pictures of them with the camera and wondering why it wasn't working lol. Thanks for the help.

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