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  1. cinematic

    cinematic Member

    Hi Everybody!

    I'm still breaking in my new slider. Awesome thus far I must admit. Any suggestions for a great/the best music app and document app (for word, excel, power point, etc). Free is preferable but I would be more than willing to pay for a reliable and efficient app.

    I hear there is an app that you pay monthly for unlimited downloads and it lets you keep the music even if you cancel. Also I looked up Documents To Go but the negative reviews scared me. Quick Office seems to be unavailable.

    Please help. :)


  2. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    First, i recommend the amazon market app, they give you a free app every day. I ve gotten all document apps free from them and like docs to go. They off
    er these apps every few mos for free, so its a great way to look out. I dont listen to music but mc video player and mx codec pac is a must
  3. cinematic

    cinematic Member

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply Wake69. :) I'm still adjusting and getting everything set up. Polaris Office seems great thus far for my documents. MixZing is what I'm currently checking out as a media player. However, the free music or downloaded music I get from the Android Market seems to diretly link to Google Music. Any suggestions on how to carry these music files over to MixZing?
  4. profmad

    profmad Member

    Yeah _ Polaris is really great. Menu at the top is very useful. Zooming is easy (50% t0 200%). Be familiar with it.

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