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[APP][super update] Quick Add

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  1. phalt

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Quick Add 0.8

    Android market link

    I've done some massive improvements my fast contact adding application, so much so that it's almost brand new, so I thought I'd do a new thread to let people know how much more it's improved!

    Most of my ideas come from some critical opinions from reddit.com/r/android - they're a tough crowd to please so I hope it pleases them (and of course you!)

    Major improvements -

    Standard updates

    * Removed the widget in favour of a status bar notification OR an application icon short cut on the home screen.
    * Added the save & send feature - save the contact and then text them your details.
    * Added options to set your name and number when sending the user a text
    * User interface improvements

    Detailed updates

    User interface

    This is something I


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