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  1. wonderbread

    wonderbread Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for something like the ASTRO processes manager that shows the current %CPU usage for every app running on the system. The only problem with ASTRO is that it doesn't sort by CPU usage so I have to scroll up and down looking at the % to see what is taking up CPU. A simple app that shows this information sorted by current CPU (like the top command in unix) would be great.

    thanks for a recommendation

  2. Rubik76

    Rubik76 Well-Known Member


    EDIT: You can't sort by usage (although idle apps are kept seperate from active ones)
  3. Squintz82

    Squintz82 Well-Known Member

  4. jfunk

    jfunk Well-Known Member

    I like OS Monitor as well.

    Just make sure you exit it when you're done, it does use quite a bit of CPU.
  5. soulfetcher13

    soulfetcher13 Well-Known Member

    System tray monitor, I like that one.
  6. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

    I use OS Monitor or Android System Info, however I don't remember if either sort by CPU% usage.
  7. jfunk

    jfunk Well-Known Member

    I haven't used System Info, but I do use OS Monitor and it will sort by CPU usage (among other options).
  8. thewixter

    thewixter New Member

    watchdog lite
  9. thewixter

    thewixter New Member

    actually watchdog task manager lite ;)

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