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  1. GTbrewer

    GTbrewer Well-Known Member

    I seem to recall seeing an app that would add more screens to your Android.
    I could use another one or more screens to better organize things I've tried
    some of the organizer apps, and they're not quite what I'm looking for...I
    just want to add screens at will. Problem is, I can't find that app now. When
    I stumbled across it, I remember thinking "I have so many blank screens
    now, why would I need more?" :) That was before I found out just
    how many great apps are out there, that I prefer to put on different screens
    by "topic".

    Does anyone know which app this might have been? I'm fairly certain it was
    not a launcher, and based on what happened last night when I tried a couple
    of them (I couldn't exit out of one...thought I'd lost all settings, etc., until I
    rebooted a couple of times). Not good. I'm sure I did something wrong,
    but still.....not ready to play with launchers again anytime soon.....


  2. many of the launcher apps do this, including Launcher Pro.
  3. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    You say you don't think it's a launcher... any reason why you think that? Because it really, really sounds like a launcher.

    p.s. dunno how you're "exiting out of" launchers, could be you just had a problem with a bad one, but I've never had any problems using Home Switcher, so if you're not using that, give it a go and it should solve your problems.
  4. GTbrewer

    GTbrewer Well-Known Member

    The reason I don't think it wasn't a launcher is because I wasn't even looking at launchers at all at the time.
    Did I mis-read something in a description? Very possibly....long story, short version: brain surgery to
    remove 3 cancer tumors did some strange things to my vision (sometimes letters or words get moved
    around, reversed, etc., and sometimes, given a series of the same letter/number , e.g., 11111 or 00000,
    I can't tell you how many there are without putting them in an editor and splitting them...yeah, it's really,
    really strange, and very annoying when it does that).

    As for "exiting out", I meant trying to get back to the "normal" launcher.

    So, I guess there isn't one. Thanks anyways!
  5. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    I meant, HOW are you exiting out, not what you meant by it. I think Home Switcher is your best bet for switching (exiting out of) launchers. But no, I don't know of any app that can add more screens, but there are plenty of great launchers out there you may want to try out, even if it's only to get more home screens.
  6. GTbrewer

    GTbrewer Well-Known Member

  7. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    okay, so.. uhh... as far as I'm aware neither of those are really ways to get out of a launcher, so that explains why you were having trouble. It might be easier to think of a launcher not as an app, but as a sort of "skin" or "theme" that goes over your regular launcher and adds features. That's not an entirely accurate description, but works pretty well as an analogy. So you can't exit out of a "skin." But with Home Launcher, think of it as basically an easy way to switch between skins (even the default one) if you're using one you don't like (and later you can uninstall the skin if you decide you're never, ever going to use it).
  8. GTbrewer

    GTbrewer Well-Known Member

    Ok, that makes sense. Thanks...I'll give it another try later. I need to go back to reading up on Java, so if/when
    my question about Eclipse problems gets answered, I can start actually coding what I'm reading (which is the
    only real way I learn any language, programming, spoken, Morse code, using it. Oh well.

    Thanks for the help on this. I definitely do understand a lot more than I did.

    UPDATE (26Apr11 2245 CDT): I did download Home Switcher and Launcher Pro (now Pro Plus). Very nice.
    And I got the SDK installed on Netbeans, but "Hello World" isn't working (something about the file path
    not being expected at that time...whatever).


    When I sign like that, I keep thinking I'm in vim ... "Later,<CR><TAB>--jim<ESC>" ...doesn't work here! :)

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