app to control car via sms or bluetooth

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  1. elmoose

    elmoose New Member

    I'm New at making apps.....Imagine you walk to your car and doors open automatically/car starts/Windows roll down/up all via sms! i have a Small device already wired in to my car that does all this via sms commands. also if your alarm goes off you will get a sms! The device also supports commands via bluetooth which does the same things like sms commands but you have to be near the car..I would like to know a few things. 1.(Bluetooth)Could i built app that automatically connects to my car via Bluetooth and send commands with out any user imput(i would just sync 1 time and tell the the app what to trigger when i come with in range ie. open doors,start car) 2.((SMS)A simple app with a few icons like a door/engine/locks/ it would work like this...i open the app i press the "door" icon and the phone in the background send a sms to trigger that command with out me having to do it manually. Please let me know if its even possible FYI i have a G1 and a G2

  2. craniumvibrations

    craniumvibrations New Member

    Hi, I was going to work on something just like this. you said you have a small device already wired to the car so it is controlled via sms? what have you created? I think you have taken my thought to the next level with some of the additional features you have pointed out. I have some friends that can most likely help with app development. I am very interested in finding out what you have already in place and improving exponentially on that. look forward to your response
  3. exutable

    exutable Member

    Check out Locale, it basically does thing according to your location. it's the product of a MIT class project.

    It has a plugin called Locale SMS-plugin which sends sms messages based on your location. Using GPS, WIFI and Network you could probably get a pretty accurate location. Obviously not completely optimal but a start.

  4. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    What hardware do you have that lets you send SMS to your car?
  5. arashed31

    arashed31 Active Member

    Arduino - HomePage

    Somehow put a bluetooth device on the board and have it scan every 5 seconds for a specific device name/mac address. Once it detects the phone, it can unlock the car.

    A simple design would be to plug the ardruino into a wireless keychain and have it press the buttons.
  6. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    Very cool, thanks!
  7. AKA Droid

    AKA Droid New Member

    I just saw this for the iPhone...I'm jealous!
    They say it will be available for Android after the 1st of the year!! :)

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