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  1. bartjunited

    bartjunited Well-Known Member

    Guys anyone know of an app to edit, import & back up the dictionary.

    Ive tried User Dictionary Manager & Dictionary Editor & neither worked.

    Done a search on here & cant see any answers either.

    Help please as ive just had to rebuild the phone & lost all my custom dictionary words & ive loads.



  2. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    I've been looking for something like this for ages but with no luck so far. I've had my HTC replaced twice and readding words to the dictionary can be such a tedious task -.-
  3. Brett2017

    Brett2017 New Member

    I have located this forum, signed up and searched for this thread... that is how motivated I am by this very question. I have 3 requests specifically....
    1. When a solitary letter 'i' is typed, followed by a space, can it be capitalized? So many other clever things are done, I would expect this to be simple?
    2. Can swear words be recognised? Please don't pretend the word 'shit' is 'ship' or that 'damn' is 'dam'. They aren't typo's so don't pretend they are. The Android editor is wonderful, the predictive text is intelligent, the auto-apostropes are excellent. Pretending your users never swear is infantile and completely unrealistic. These words are part of our language, so please people, recognise it and stop being politically correct. (This is my big gripe).
    3. I know keyboard space is limited and cannot easily think of a solution to this, other than key chording. But, cursor controls would be great. The usual 4 plus EOL and BOL would be great. On a phone the point and touch method is poor, and even an 8 inch tablet is miles from perfect. Any thoughts?
    Otherwise, the editor is fantastic!
    My thanks to the designers and development team.
  4. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    @ bartjunited & NaNaNiii

    Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > Touch input > Personal dictionary > Has both Edit and Sync functions, but you need to backup manually.

    I think SwiftKey X is looking into syncing the dictionary via the cloud, but at the moment it uses the Android default dictionary backup.
  5. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    Have a look at SwiftKey X (or similar alternative keyboard apps). They should solve your issues. SwiftKey X has an arrow key option in its settings, but I'm not sure which others do.

    For no. 2, you should be able to edit the default user dictionary. I think, usually, you'll have to enter a word several times before it starts to predict it's a word you're likely to use. With SwifKey X, it can learn your 'style' by searching other media you use, like emails, SMS, Facebook, etc.

    Google Play, what used to be called Android Market, is the place to look.

    RPMGSXR New Member

    As far as the offensive words go, if you select the Google keyboard you can uncheck the block offensive words box here:

    Settings.language and input.then click on the "gear" icon to the right of the keyboard type

    RPMGSXR New Member

    I am very interested in a solution to the user dictionary edit function as well.
    I have an extensive user dictionary that I backed up from many Bionic and can not access any if it because it was restored to my galaxy s3 into a the user dictionary that it's labeled all languages. It needs to be in the one labeled English. I have tried Astro file manager buy can not find either off the two locations.

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