App to Encrypt or Secure Files on the External SD Card

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  1. CharlesMTF

    CharlesMTF New Member

    Anyone know of any app that would allow me to secure photos/video on my external SD card? I am not looking to have it secured if the card is pulled from the phone (though, that would be fine too)... just need to have the phone hide or make inaccessible photos that I have stored on my external card.

    Any relevant app I have found so far doesn't seem to allow the encryption or hiding on the external card... just the internal memory is usable.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Search did not come up with anything helpful.


  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, Charles.

    I know this isn't exactly what you are asking (since you mentioned securing and encryption), but if you create a .nomedia file in the directory containing your pictures, that will (or should) keep them from being displayed by things like the Gallery app.

  3. cybernetx

    cybernetx New Member

    My app called CloudSecureCamera designed by Cybernetx Systems LLC will encrypted your photos and videos and then upload them to Dropbox.

    LONGHAIR Active Member

    Why not just store them someplace like dropbox? Then they are not on the phone at all. Two seperate accounts would keep them hidden from someone who would ask about it.:rolleyes:
  5. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    What device and android version? I know on my razr I can do that in the phone's security settings.
  6. N4N01D

    N4N01D Member

    I've not tried the SDCard but you could look at Boxcryptor it allows you to specify a local container that isnt dropbox/google drive etc?
  7. Nexus5

    Nexus5 Active Member

    ^^ This.. It'd be no great feat of coding to create a content provider that's storing to SD as a container file.

    The trick would be encrypting/decrypting quickly without ruining the user experience.

    However just storing multiple files in a single container would keep most 'snoopy' people from seeing your photos, and would make data recovery a lot easier?

    I recall in my Mac days, in the era of System 7, we'd bin-hex Mac files with resource forks, send the ASCII conversion, and then on the other end go from hex->bin to recover the binary fork..

    I remember one of the admins asking me about a 'teacher' login breaching the FTP quota due to a ton of files with random names and random contents.. I just laughed and claimed I'd seen it before as a result of application crashes, and told him to either ignore it or erase it, since it's all junk either way.

    He just ignored them, and then we all started avoiding leaving enough old files to set off quota alerts.

    We also started using 'stuffit' on top of bin<->hex conversion so that even if someone got smart and ran a hex conversion, the best they would get is a proprietary 'stuffit' data file that most admins couldn't open. Heck even then they would probably still get a garbage result because most of the files were Macintosh video games. ;p

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