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App to make txt notifications more obvious [Samsung Galaxy Ace]Support

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  1. mimzyk

    mimzyk New Member

    Are there any app that make it more obvious when you have a txt for this particular phone? My girlfriend has found a few which make the 'LED' flash but they don't appear to work. As of now, she has to bring the screen on, then unlock it only to see a tiny icon in the corner. Isn't there something that rings up like '1 NEW MESSAGE' in a box whilst she's on the unlock screen?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    * Moved to Samsung Galaxy Ace forum*

    If you find a notification widget that you (or your girlfriend) like, you can try WidgetLocker to place the widget on your lockscreen for immediate notifications.
  3. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    Yeah GO sms pro does all this. You can set it to notify you as many times as you want that you have an unread sms,you can use notification sounds and led flashing.
    Only thing is I'm not sure you can use it as a stand alone app without the GO launcher.
    Worth a try though.
  4. envy00

    envy00 Member

  5. Unhyper

    Unhyper New Member

    Try SMS Popup from author everythingandroid.net. You can download it for free from the Android Market. When you get an SMS, it pops it up on the screen even if it's off, much like iPhone does. Underneath the message there are three buttons: reply, delete, and close.

    The only bug I have found is that closing the message does not remove the normal little envelope that you get in the top left corner, you have to enter the Messages screen and possibly open a message for it to go away. A minor annoyance for otherwise great functionality.
  6. PJ147

    PJ147 Well-Known Member

    try go sms:D
  7. Brython

    Brython Active Member

    I do not (yet) own this phone but I don't seem to understand... Normally with Samsung if you get a text, you hear a tune and/or vibration of the phone? And you normally should be able to use a "periodic notification" system. With my old Samsung this means that every 2 minutes my phone vibrates if i have an unread message...

    I suppose and actually hope this is still able with the modern Galaxy-brand? Is very useful to me :p

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