app to monitor what apps are using how much data?

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  1. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member

    I would like to downgrade my wife to the $15 150mb plan on verizon, but even with her minimal usage she is coming in around 400-500mb a month! i want something to monitor WHAT APPS are using how much data, not just monitor total data in/out like most apps ive found do.

    btw, favebook notifications are set to 4 hours, and i cant really think of any other things to do to lower data usage.

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Get Droid Wall and you will be abl to block apps from accessing internet through 3G and at the same time you can allow them to use WiFi.

    You can also get System Panel monitor data usage.
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  3. Andy in NY

    Andy in NY Well-Known Member

    i have system panel but it only shows TOTAL data in/out.

    im not looking to BLOCK specific apps, just find out what is using data to try and lower usage.
  4. Ozymandias88

    Ozymandias88 Well-Known Member

    I'd actually love an app like this as well. In the meantime though I stick with dialing *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer and then clicking battery usage and changing the dropdown to network usage.

    You can view which apps are using the most and it also shows you (if you click them) how much data has been used.
  5. beandogger

    beandogger Member

    So I realize this thread is old. But I am also looking for an app that tells me how much data each app is using; specifically, 3G. I really don't care how much wifi usage is happening. Any suggestions?
  6. Karnecius

    Karnecius New Member

    Same here. Im finding that my data usage has gone up considerably and Im sure that its an app using the data every so often
  7. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    TrafficStats or TrafficInfo or 3G Watchdog.
    They show the traffic of every app.
    But only with Android 2.2 and higher.

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  8. Karnecius

    Karnecius New Member

  9. neyel8r

    neyel8r Well-Known Member

    3G Watchdog doesn't actually show the traffic of every app, just the total of all apps for 3G and wi-fi usage. (maybe 3G Watchdog Pro does, but i don't know for sure because i don't use it.) i used 3G Watchdog until i found out about DroidStats (free), which has a lot more features, but still doesn't give me individual app data usage. maybe i'll just have to donate to get the features i need... unless, of course, i can find something else first that will meet my needs for free :D
  10. woodshedder

    woodshedder Active Member

    According to its documentation, 3G Watchdog Pro will show data usage by application.
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  11. Craig Custard

    Craig Custard New Member

    I know this has probably been solved but "my data manager free" claims to do what you need. Good luck.
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  12. mccririck

    mccririck Well-Known Member

    Is there an app to measure how much this app is using?

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