App to play media through mono bluetooth headset?

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  1. matogl0396

    matogl0396 New Member

    I see another post on this but it's a little outdated so I'm hoping there has been a recent development.

    Looking for a way to transmit audio from media (music, movies, audiobooks...not phone calls) to my standard bluetooth wireless device, which is not A2DP.

    This worked perfectly with no tweaks on my enV Touch so clearly it isn't a hardware issue, which by extension means there should be a software workaround, possibly in the form of a downloadable App. :) Anything that would work is cool though...registry edits, whatever, I just desperately want to listen to audiobooks at work without buying a new headset!

    Thanks in advance for reading/replying,

  2. cranky_dan

    cranky_dan Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna pay attention to this thread. This is exactly why I came here today. I want to listen to streaming radio on my droid via my bluetooth headset.

    Thanks! :)
  3. aaronjohnston

    aaronjohnston Member

    Yup, lurking as well :confused:
  4. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

  5. cranky_dan

    cranky_dan Well-Known Member

    Hey. Thanks for the thread. Some good info in there...
  6. Marshall70

    Marshall70 New Member

    I'm also very interested in this, can't wait until this app is available.
  7. illusive817

    illusive817 Member

    i would love to see this done , i have to use my mono all the time and would like to have some background music from time to time

    but apparently everyone says it cant be done

    Anything can be accomplished!
  8. nj2tou

    nj2tou Member

    I too am looking for this, but not for music, although that would be cool, but for navigation. On my Touch Pro I had a bluetooth audio program that worked great! It's hard to hear the directions when even just having a conversation, nevermind blasting the stereo! LOL!

    I'm gonna check out the above mentioned thread and hope there's something there! thanks!
  9. epdixon

    epdixon Member

    I have spent the better part of today looking for a solution to this issue.

    I am leaving June 15th for a 10,000 mile motorcycle trip and my Cardo Scala Rider in-helmet bluetooth headset does not support A2DP/stereo audio. I want to be able to listen to music (what the system was designed for), but can't using my Motorola Droid. This is VERY frustrating, being so close but yet so far from a solution.

    Browsing Android Marketplace, I found an app called "Sound Route Switcher"
    The description seems to say it does exactly what I want to do, but after reading the reviews, seemes to be a fake program or at least doesn't work for anyone.

    I would willingly pay someone to develop an app to route media audio to a mono bluetooth device.

    PS: the ** or *** or "pause" deal didnt work for me on the Motorola Droid.
  10. greatwall

    greatwall New Member

    Try this app "Super BT Mono", not working on every phone currently.
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  11. hobbesy

    hobbesy New Member

    Just tested using Scala Rider and HTC Desire and doesn't work :( still looking!

    Thanks for the idea though
  12. iamjustifyd

    iamjustifyd Member

    I just bought a Scala Q2 with monotone. Anyone find an app that works for the BT? I've been looking. I have a Samsung Moment
  13. I never could find it, picked me up a bluetooth stereo headset.
  14. gevo

    gevo New Member

    Thank you for sharing this (Super BT Mono Froyo Free), it works on my HTC EVO (Froyo) and El Cheapo Plantronics 240. - They have otherl versions. Also saw "Bluetooth Switcher." Found on AppBrain.
  15. halilstar

    halilstar New Member

    I downloaded app named "Super Mono Froyo" free trial first (works only 4 days if I remember correctly) it worked for my phone (HTC Desire HD) and the bluetooth (Samsung Wep490). So I bought the Full version. Works like a charm :)
  16. anabolina

    anabolina Well-Known Member

  17. eweigert

    eweigert New Member

    I downloaded this app named "Super Mono Froyo" free trial first also. It worked great with my Backflip and Platronics Bluetooth. Bought full version Thanks!!
  18. mcta

    mcta Active Member

    Someone just recently released a free app that gets the job done. Its call BTmono.

    BTmono - Android app on AppBrain

    Works fine for me.
    HTC Legend, stock 2.2
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  19. joevj

    joevj Member

    I was looking out for this solution for a while now! I tried "Super Mono Froyo" on my HTC Wildfire with froyo. but it is not working. looks like a graphics issue and I am not able to see the buttons.. is there another one I can try?

  20. dcannoli

    dcannoli Active Member

    Thanks to mcta I can listen to streaming radio or podcasts via my Motorola H720 with my VM OV. BT Mono works perfectly as advertised.
  21. Clevo89

    Clevo89 Well-Known Member

    Would something like this work?

    Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset

    and the PowerAmp app can play audio through bluetooth connection.

    Though I can't swear on this as I'm yet to receive the BT Headset I've ordered...
  22. midi

    midi Member

    try bluemusic, it does the routing of the audio and lots of other features.
  23. suchi

    suchi Member

    It worked as long as I was in gingerbread but hangs after I upgraded to ICS. My phone is a Galaxy S2. Anyone has a solution?
  24. awamori

    awamori New Member

    I have a Verizon Driod X.None of the Media to Mono BT apps in the market work (even ones that worked on previous firmware versions of my phone).Either Google, Verizon, Motorola or all of them are in bed with the BT adapter manufacturers. They are trying to force you to buy the more expensive A2DP devices. Its not that they are too lazy to impliment this feature.. They have intentionaly disabled it for their own finacial benifit. :mad:
  25. sandstar2012

    sandstar2012 New Member

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