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  1. socialgarbage

    socialgarbage Member

    Is there an "App to SD" app that is compatible with the Continuum?

    I've search through a lot of them on the market place, but haven't come across one yet.

    Thanks for any help. :)

  2. socialgarbage

    socialgarbage Member

    OK, since there doesn't appear to be an app like this that anyone knows of,
    is it even possible to do this on the Continuum?

    Out of all the people here who have one, someone must know. :confused:
  3. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, no. It isn't possible. Being able to store apps on your SD card is only on 2.2 or higher. Since we're still on 2.1.1, we can't. Sorry. If you want to store apps for back up purposes, I'm pretty sure there are a few apps for that. But I haven't gotten around to downloading one yet, so I can't really make any recommendations.

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