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App to send Music\Large files

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  1. trench

    trench Active Member

    I'm wondering if there is a way to send MP3's and Zip files to other computers and other G1's. I can't seem to send anything other than pictures with Gmail on my phone. And it doesn't look like AIM has file transfers on this phone yet. Any ideas?


  2. benmarvin

    benmarvin Well-Known Member

    There's a couple of FTP apps out there. AndFTP & DroidFTP. If you're tech minded enough to setup an FTP server it could be a way to transfer large files on-the-go.
  3. trench

    trench Active Member

    I looked at one called discover, but I'm not sure how to set it up, and it it's just for G1 user to G1 user. Do you know were I can find info on how to set any of thouse ones up?
  4. SK.

    SK. Well-Known Member

    Discover is very simple to set up and it's not just G1 to G1. It uses wifi and I use it to transfer files from my pc to my G1 on my home wifi connection. When you start up Discover on your handset it actually tells you what local URL you need to type into your browser, this then allows you to see the file system on your G1 and transfer files etc

    Very very simple application that does the job well. Hopefully in the future they will allow you to view what is on the pc from the G1
  5. trench

    trench Active Member

    i got AndFTP to work on my phone. I already have a website I can use to load files on and off of, so I logged into that. I can view all the file on the website, but I can't seem to upload anything. Does this program only work if i'm connected to a WiFi network?
  6. vector_man

    vector_man New Member

    I also use andftp but I installed a ftp server on my computer. Now I can browse my computer and download any file without having to upload the file to a website.
  7. JennyG

    JennyG New Member

    www.swapitencryptit.com is the fastest and cheapest way to transfer files over the internet! It works for my computer and cell phone, so that makes it really great! Plus I can send files up to 25 MB is size for free and with out signing up for anything, and I think it works for almost all mobile devices (Flash phones, iPhone, BlackBerry). I even send pics I take with my phone to my home computer, so I don't have to pay anymore to send them via mms!

    Check it out and let me know if it helps you get those files sent.

  8. jjj1234

    jjj1234 Member

  9. haveaname

    haveaname New Member

  10. Gearhead_eng

    Gearhead_eng Well-Known Member

    I vote for Dropbox... works awesome and is easy as drag & drop in windows explorer.

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