App to stop uninstallation of apps?

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  1. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    Hey there,

    Does anyone know if there is an app to stop the uninstallation of apps? E.g. you need to enter a password before you can uninstall an app?

    I have a couple of security apps on there but what if the person was familar with the Hero and just uninstalled the app etc.

  2. spenspuma

    spenspuma Well-Known Member

    What about an app to stop the stop the uninstall of apps app? Where does it stop?

    Basically dont delete apps you want to keep. Afterall, you do get a second chance to change your mind before confirming delete.
  3. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    Did you completely ignore OP or something?
  4. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    This was an answer with the same intellect level as george bush.
  5. Quazar

    Quazar Well-Known Member

    You could reinstall the app?
  6. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    i am not taking from a random install uninstall point of view, i am trying to say, if someone stole my phone and uninstalled my security apps.

    how can i stop others from uninstalling apps. is there an app that prompts for a password before allowing an uninstall.
  7. spenspuma

    spenspuma Well-Known Member

    OMG it gets better....and youve got the nerve to criticise my posts...if someones nicked your phone mate, the uninstalling of apps by the thief will be the last of your worries! won't get the phone back to ever know.

    What was that about George bush...hahaha
  8. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    I'm not your mate, and your posts and of a lower intellect than george bush is what I meant. I don't think you have a clue about the Hero, you sound like a iPhone fanboy lol.
  9. spenspuma

    spenspuma Well-Known Member

    Going back on topic (i will ignore your childish insults)..if you get your phone stolen mate you won't ever see it again so worrying about them deleting your apps is pretty pointless.
  10. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    Alright, enough with the flaming. He's refering to apps like Mobile Defense, as in, what's there to stop a phone thief from uninstalling it to prevent him from locating the phone/locking it/wiping the data.

    Unfortunately, I dont know of any apps like this. Perhaps you could suggest it in the apps/developer's section of this forum. In the mean time, enabling a lock pattern is you best defense. I know the lock pattern is kind of annoying, but maybe you can use the Locale app to disable the lock pattern when you're at home or at work or any other place you use your phone frequently.
  11. Fake Name

    Fake Name Well-Known Member

    You can always track down your phone, its has a GPS for a reason :rolleyes:
    You can install throttle lock and make a complicated pattern
    You can...I dont know, keep your phone in your pocket, and not in your jacket or what ever

    Like spenspuma said, if your phone is stolen, worrying about app's is just silly.
  12. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    at last a sane person has arrived! i am refering to apps such as mobile defence and sim checker etc.

    i have tested sim checker and it works fine everytime i enter a different sim card i get an email and text to another sim card with the location of the phone.

    but like i have been trying to say, if someone was to just uninstall mobile defence and sim checker then it would be harder to get the phone back.
  13. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    spenspuma is chatting out of its backside without even reading the question, did i say i was worried about the thief uninstalling all my apps? i said whats to stop him from uninstalling the security apps that help track the phone in the first place.

    whats the point in having a security app that sends you the location of your phone if it can be uninstalled in a second? therefore it there was an app that prompted the user for a password everytime they wanted to uninstall an app, it would mean the phones security apps would be uninstallable therefore aiding the chance of tracking it and recovering it. so many stupid people turning a simple topic into rocket science.
  14. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    If I were to steal an Android phone (or any Smartphone), I would immediately turn it off and remove the battery until I had the chance to re-install the firmware, effectively erasing everything.

    Now if someone is trying to steal your phone in order to get personal informations (credit card #'s, bank account info, etc) an app like that would be quite useful.

    I'd be perfectly willing to write such an app for you, but my knowledge of the android platform is limited to the android.opengl package right now. Creating a settings level app will have a bit of a learning curve for me.
  15. spenspuma

    spenspuma Well-Known Member

    That's a contradiction in itself.

    Secondly, whats with all the personal insults? Calm down a bit mate or the mods might needlessly suspend your account, which would be a shame and totally unnecessary.
  16. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    You don't seem to realise that he is referring to security apps. Like WaveSecure. These kind of apps, if they remain installed, can allow you to lock the phone up and even track it via GPS. You don't really want that uninstalled, now do you?

    @OP, if it is WaveSecure you are using.. the new MoDaCo ROM comes with it preinstalled.. It may even be protected from uninstallation.. I'm not sure as I am on an older ROM.
    Worth a try I suppose.
  17. computerboyo

    computerboyo Well-Known Member

    Thank god for you, spot on.
  18. DePhoegon

    DePhoegon Member

    I'd suggest [ Smart AppLock (App Protector) ] as it can lock it self, the google play store, & prevent protected apps from being uninstalled. *free version 8 apps* and you can set 'settings' as an app, to even block access to the settings past the quick mini settings tab* meaning even if they guess the lock pin/pw/pattern to get into the device, they can't factory reset it with any ease, unless they happen to know the physical button combo needed to do it. Also they can't unistall or stop any security tracking applications unless their is a way to switch the settings without hitting the settings menu.

    I prefer the pattern lock over the pin/pw, but that's just me.

    There is a pro version (1.99) that's able to lock out more applications, but I'm actually happy with the free version as I don't have that many apps I am worried about people getting a hold of. *though I am considering getting pro to lock out all my social media ones*

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