[APP] Unix Admin. SSH/SFTP/FTP client.

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  1. Divers

    Divers New Member

    Unix Admin allow you to manage your remote unix computers on the go. Now you can earn money everywhere!

    Implemented next protocols:
    • SSH
    • SFTP
    • FTP
    • Local FS

    WebDav, Telnet, Http, Https are coming.

    • Tablet ready
    • Holo-style interface
    • All file system actions: rename, cut, copy, delete, edit.
    • SSH signals like CTRL+C etc.
    • File system sharing. You can copy file from one FS, e.g. one FTP server, and paste it to another with SFTP.
    • Password & OpenSSH private key support
    • Sort by various parameters

    Feel free to post you suggestions on bug trecker, I will do everything what I cant to improve this program.

    Also I will be very appreciated you for good marks on google play!


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